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Kuchinoerabu-jima volcan
stratovolcans 657 m / 2,155 ft
Îles Ryūkyū, Japon, 30.44°N / 130.22°E
Condition actuelle: Activité petite ou avertissement éruption imminente (3 sur 5)
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Eruptions du volcan Kuchinoerabu-jima:
1980, 1976, 1974, 1973, 1972, 1968-69, 1966, 1945, 1933-34, 1932 (?), 1931, 1914, 1906-07 (?), 1841, 1840
radiocarbon-dated: 1560 ± 100 years, 1470 ± 50, 1440 ± 50, 1110 ± 75, 1100 ± 100, 970 AD ± 75, 600 AD ± 75, 1140 BC ± 150, 1450 BC ± 75, 3480 BC ± 150, 9520 BC ± 300
Style éruptif tipique:
phreatic explosions
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Kuchinoerabu-jima volcano news & activity updates:

Kuchinoerabu-jima volcano (Ryukyu Islands, Japan) activity update: Strong explosion and pyroclastic flow

jeudi janv. 17, 2019 22:13 | AUTEUR : MJFLEGEND
Close-up webcam image of the pyroclastic flow, which seems larger than it was in this view. Credit: Still image from JMA webcam.
Close-up webcam image of the pyroclastic flow, which seems larger than it was in this view. Credit: Still image from JMA webcam.
The early part of the explosion. Credit: Still image from JMA webcam.
The early part of the explosion. Credit: Still image from JMA webcam.
Following renewed unrest and a minor eruption beginning last August, earlier today a more significant explosion occurred, sending ash to 20,000ft (6km) and generating a moderate pyroclastic flow which travelled 1.5km (~1 mile) down the southwest flank, though fortunately did not affect adjacent communities. No injuries have been reported and this event was smaller than the powerful explosion in 2015. JMA has kept the alert level at 3 (on a scale of 1-5).
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Actualités précédentes
mardi, oct. 23, 2018
JMA webcam view today. Credit: Japan Meteorological Agency
A new and very small eruption is occurring, with ash plumes rising only a few thousand feet above sea level. This follows the unrest in August, when the Alert Level was raised to 4, as there were concerns about a repeat of the large explosion in 2015. This subsequently declined, the Alert Level dropped to 3, where it remains. ... lire toutes
jeudi, juin 16, 2016
Evacuated Kuchinoerabu-jima island seen from Yakushima last summer (image: Peter Majtan)
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the official government body in charge of monitoring volcanoes, lowered the alert level for the island, after no more significant activity has occurred at the volcano since 19 June 2015 (i.e. almost one year). ... lire toutes
vendredi, juin 19, 2015
Another eruption occurred from the Shindake crater shortly after noon on 18 June. It was not directly observed due to cloud cover and the island being evacuated, but sent out a clear explosion signal picked up on seismic stations. lire toutes
mardi, juin 02, 2015
An analysis of the erupted ash from 29 May confirms that the explosion was, as suspected, phreatomagmatic in origin, i.e. driven by the presence of new magma interacting with external water. lire toutes

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