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Merapi volcan
Stratovolcano 2968 m / 9,737 ft
Central Java, Indonesia, -7.54°S / 110.44°E
Condition actuelle: en éruption (4 sur 5)
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Eruptions du volcan Merapi:
1548, 1554, 1560, 1584, 1586(?), 1587, 1658, 1663, 1672, 1678, 1745, 1752, 1755, 1768, 1791, 1797, 1807, 1810, 1812-22, 1822-23, 1828, 1832-36, 1837-38, 1840, 1846, 1848(?), 1849, 1854(?), 1861, 1862-64, 1865-71, 1872 (large vulcanian-subplinian eruption VEI:4) , 1872-73, 1878-79, 1883-84, 1885-87, 1888, 1889, 1891-92, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1902, 1902-04, 1905, 1906-07, 1908, 1909-13, 1915, 1918, 1920-21, 1922, 1923(?), 1924, 1930-31, 1932, 1933-35, 1939-40, 1942-45, 1948, 1953-58, 1961, 1967-1970, 1971(?), 1972-85, 1986-90, 1992-2002, April-July 2006, Oct 2010-2011 Feb, 2018 (May), late 2018 - ongoing
Style éruptif tipique:
Highly explosive. Large Plinian eruption every few 1000 of years (the last ones at about 1000 BP and 2000 BP), sometimes with associated flank collapse. Growth of lava domes, pyroclastic flows.
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Merapi volcano news & eruption updates

Merapi volcano (Central Java): strong explosion, ash to 32,000 ft altitude

jeudi mars 27, 2014 17:59 | AUTEUR : T
Ash plume from Merapi in Centra Java (ESA)
Ash plume from Merapi in Centra Java (ESA)
A possibly strong eruption was reported from the volcano this afternoon (13:55 GMT). Satellite data showed an ash and SO2 plume drifting SW at estimated 32,000 ft (9 km) (VAAC Darwin). The plume is quickly dissipating, suggesting that the eruption was an isolated (possibly phreatic) explosion.
No other details are at the moment available.
Actualités précédentes
jeudi, déc. 12, 2013
Another small phreatic explosion occurred at the summit lava dome this morning at 08:10 local time. it produced an ash plume rising 500 m. According to VSI, rainwater infiltration into the hot rocks of the dome caused the eruption. ... lire toutes
dimanche, déc. 01, 2013
Another phreatic explosion was reported yesterday 11:00 (local time). According to a news article, the eruption produced an ash plume of about 500 m height. ... lire toutes
mardi, nov. 26, 2013
Particular vigilance should be maintained to monitor the volcano. A large crack, about 230 m long and 50 m wide, has appeared in the lava dome that had been emplaced in the summit crater at the end of the 2010 eruption. It increases the current risk of sudden collapse of the dome, resulting in rock avalanches and dangerous pyroclastic flows. Even a smaller phreatic explosion than the one from 18 Nov could trigger this. ... lire toutes
lundi, nov. 18, 2013
A relatively strong explosion occurred yesterday morning (4-6 am local time), producing a large ash plume of about 2 km height and accompanied by loud rumblings. Ash fell to the south and east sides of the volcano, as far as Solo (30 km distance). According to local press, many people spontaneously evacuated their homes in several villages near the volcano. ... lire toutes
jeudi, oct. 03, 2013
The crater of Merapi volcano (photo: Øystein)
Activity has been low during the past months. In the crater, a small but considerable area was covered by incandescent material caused by escaping hot gas, that made a "hissing" sound very notable to the ear, our friend Øystein Lund Andersen reports who climbed the volcano on 29 Sep. ... lire toutes

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