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Nyiragongo volcan
Stratovolcano 3470 m / 11,384 ft
DRCongo, -1.52°S / 29.25°E
Condition actuelle: en éruption (4 sur 5)
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Eruptions du volcan Nyiragongo:
1884, 1894, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1905, 1906, 1908(?), 1911, 1918, 1920-21, 1927-77, 1977, 1982, 1994-96, 2002 (17 Jan.), 2002-ongoing (lava lake)
Style éruptif tipique:
Large effusive eruptions; persistant lava lake in the summit crater.
Derniers séismes proches
Voyages au volcan Nyiragongo
Le Grand Lac de Lave du Nyiragongo (Expédition sur le volcan Nyiragongo et dans le parc des Virunga (gorilles de montagne))

Derniers images satellite
dernier (2017) | | 2016 | 2014 | 2013 | Archive
ven., 9 sept. 2016, 22:19
Nyiragongo on 6 Sep with lava flows from the eastern intra-crater side vent (image: Julian Laping)
The activity at the volcano remains intense. The February 2016 side vent on the eastern lower terrace, which stopped in May and restarted in mid August, continues to be active, too. [lire toutes]
sam., 27 août 2016, 12:05
Lava flows from Nyiragongo's side vent over the crater floor and cascading into the lava lake on 20 Aug (image: Kashereka Mahinda Celestin / OVG via Culture Volcan)
The volcano's activity has increased again and the February 2016 side vent is now very active again, again producing lava cascades into the central lake. [lire toutes]
mer., 1 juin 2016, 08:42
One of the local mountain guides reported that as of 30 May, no more lava flows from the side vent were active and cascading into the main lava lake, although lava bubbling could still be seen at the side vent.
mer., 13 avril 2016, 15:59
Image of Nyiragongo's crater on 8 April (image: Jérémie Franchitti / youtube)
The secondary vent remains active, a recent visit (on 8 April) at the volcano showed. Lava continues to be erupted from the side vent on the eastern crater floor and occasionally still cascades into the main pit with the active lava lake:
dim., 3 avril 2016, 08:06
View of the crater of Nyiragongo on around 1 April 2016 (image: Clint Johnston / instagram)
A recent visit to the volcano showed no more (or at least no more significant) activity from the side vent on the lower terrace. The recent lava flows that had surrounded the lips of the inner crater and partially spilled into the central lava lake were seen cooling.
sam., 26 mars 2016, 17:06
Lava cascading into the central lava lake of Nyiragongo volcano (image: Jason Sehorn)
The mainly effusive activity from the new secondary vent inside the volcano's caldera continues with little changes. By now, new lava flows have surrounded the central pit (containing the main lava lake), covered most of the lower platform and cascade into the central vent at multiple locations.
lun., 21 mars 2016, 17:49
Aerial image with location of reflectors and fix points for distance measurements on Nyiragongo. 17mm of extension occurred during February between T1 (south) and P2 (west)
Goma Volcano Observatory published the results of recent field work on the crater of Nyiragongo during 10-11 March in a new report: in summary, it seems that the current intense activity from the two vents inside the inner crater is confined to this area, and no magma has migrated laterally. [lire toutes]
mar., 15 mars 2016, 17:40
Nyiragongo's intra-crater lava flows last week, cascading into the main lava lake (image: João Cunha Monteiro /facebook)
The new vent inside the crater of Nyiragongo remains very active, producing pulsating lava fountains of approx. 30 m height at intervals of 30 seconds, according to the observatory. Well-alimented lava flows leave from the vent.
lun., 14 mars 2016, 16:49
A cook who spent the night of 10 March on the rim of the crater reported that the volcano was unusually "noisy".
mar., 8 mars 2016, 18:06
A new intra-crater flank vent opened at the northeastern margin of the summit caldera's floor. This highly interesting event could be a precursor of a new flank eruption.
mar., 8 mars 2016, 13:20
View of the crater of Nyiragongo on 1 or 2 March with the lava lake and the new vent at the NE margin of the crater floor (image: OVG)
Some very unusual and alarming events have been taking place at the volcano recently: A new eruptive vent opened at the northeastern end of the lowest crater terrace, outside the active lava lake (which had been in place since 2002) and just beneath the near vertical crater walls.. [lire toutes]
dernier (2017) | | 2016 | 2014 | 2013 | Archive

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