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Oki-Dogo volcan

Updated: 4 mars. 2024 02:55 GMT -
shield volcano 151 m / 495 ft
Honshu (Japon), 36.18°N / 133.33°E
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)

Oki-Dogo volcano is a complex of shield volcanoes forming small islands north of the SW Honshu city of Matsue in the Japan Sea off the west coast of Japan. Most of the volcanic activity took place 800,000-300,000 years ago, but there has probably been activity during the past 10,000 years as well, producing basaltic lava flows and a cinder cone.
Dogo-onsen Hot Spring is Japan's oldest spa. It is said to have been in operation since about 3000 years ago.

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Style éruptif tipique: effusive
Eruptions du volcan Oki-Dogo: unknown, probably less than 10,000 years ago

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The alkaline basalts on Oki-Dogo are related to the opening of the Japan Sea and contain abundant mantle-derived xenoliths. The Daimanji-san lava flow overlies alluvial gravel containing an ancient water-jar. The name Takuhi-yama ("Burning Mountain") may record a tradition of an eruption. (GVP information)

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