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8-16 mai 2021: Montagnes de Feu - du Stromboli à l'Etna - Eoliennes + Etna
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Photo de la journée

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Submarine hydrothermal activity at Nea Kameni (Santorini, Greece) forms iron-rich mud deposits (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
507 Hits
Jabal as Sawda, road between volcanic stone fields near Swaknah, Lybia (Photo: WNomad)
497 Hits
On the rim of Etna's NE crater  (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
351 Hits
On top of Etna at 3329 m (NE Crater) (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
202 Hits
Pyroclastic flow on Sinabung volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia (Oct 2014) (Photo: Walter Reis)
19476 Hits
The crater rim of Dukono volcano (Halmahera, Indonesia) (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
407 Hits
1 Feb
Crater rim of Yasur volcano, Vanuatu (Sep 2014) (Photo: Walter Reis)
17458 Hits
Pumice cliffs on the south coast of Santorini island, Greece (Photo: Janka)
398 Hits
Lava fountain from the Holuhraun fissure eruption on Iceland in Sep 2014 (Bardarbunga volcano) (Photo: Lukas Gawenda)
549 Hits
Batu Tara camp (expedition 2014), Flores Sea, Indonesia (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
738 Hits
Its special bark enables the Canary Island pine to resist forest fires. (Photo: Janka)
312 Hits
Matupit Island - Mt. Tarvurvur Papua New Guinea 2013 (Photo: MartinSiering)
551 Hits
Volcano Mt. Longonot from Kijabe, Kenya (Photo: WNomad)
497 Hits
Blue flames from burning sulphur, Ijen Volcano, Java. (Photo: KatSpruth)
398 Hits
The lava becomes brighter and brighter as daylight fades. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
811 Hits
The black lake with the salt dome of Dallol in the background. The lake probably formed during a hydrothermal eruption in 1926. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
2100 Hits
Crater Principal of Irazu Volcano, near Cartago, Costa Rica (Photo: WNomad)
727 Hits
A giant "cannolo"-shaped lava bomb from the New SE crater. 1971 cinder cone in the background. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
909 Hits
Ash cloud rises from a pyroclastic flow at Krakatau volcano, September 2009. (Photo: mlyvers)
359 Hits
The church of Magazzeni on the eastern flank of Etna. In the background ash emissions from the New Southeast Crater. (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
370 Hits
Strong explosion of Batu Tara volcano on the evening of 2 Nov 2014 (Flores Sea, Indonesia) (Photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
477 Hits
Red beach of Santorini - an old cinder cone cut in half by erosion - seen from the sea (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
316 Hits
Coast of Biscoitos, Terceira Isl., Acores (Photo: WNomad)
474 Hits
Semeru's active lava dome in late Nov 2014 (East Java, Indonesia) (Photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
758 Hits
Cushions of astragalo etneo on the lower flank at approx. 2000 m elevation. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
671 Hits
Panoramic view over Kaiserstuhl volcano, Germany (Photo: Janka)
1169 Hits
Fissue eruption out of airplane from Bardarbunga eruption in Holuhraun area. (Photo: AndreasIrgang)
990 Hits
Ashfall at Sinabung volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia (Oct 2014) (Photo: Walter Reis)
10489 Hits
Sulfur miner on the crater rim, Ijen volcano, Java (Photo: KatSpruth)
322 Hits
Lava fountain and lava flows from the Holuhraun fissure eruption on Iceland, Sep 2014 (Bardarbunga volcano) (Photo: Lukas Gawenda)
1797 Hits
Lava flows on Stromboli volcano (7 Oct 2014) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
343 Hits
At the crater of Dukono volcano (Halmahera, Indonesia) (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
1028 Hits
Unusually clear view of the interior of the NE crater. Every few minutes, detonations from deep-seated explosions can be heard (and felt). (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1216 Hits
Waterfall near Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii (Photo: Janka)
392 Hits
1 Mar
Eruption from Batu Tara volcano in Nov 2014 (Flores Sea, Indonesia) (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
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