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San Cristobal volcan
stratovolcan 1745 m / 5,725 ft
Nicaragua, 12.7°N / -87°W
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)
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Eruptions du volcan San Cristobal:
2010-11, 2010, 2009, 2008 (Nov), 2008 (Aug), 2007, 2005-06, 2003-04, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999-2000, 1997,1987 (?), 1985 (?), 1977, 1976 (Aug), 1976 (Mar), 1971, 1685, 1684, 1680, 1613 (?), 1528 ± 1 year
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San Cristobal volcano news & activity updates

San Cristobal volcano (Nicaragua) activity update

samedi sept. 15, 2012 10:05 | AUTEUR : T

San Cristobal volcano had only weak emissions yesterday. After 3:40 am INETER observed a rising tremor signal.
Field work made by technicians and INETER staff reported that the 8 Sep explosions did not open fractures on the volcano's south flank (but occurred from the central vent in the crater / comment) and found ballistic impacts in up to 850 m distance from the crater. It was noted that 3 out of 5 fumaroles located on the south wall inside the crater were blocked. Fumarole 1 and 2 vents were measured at a temperature of 85 ° Celsius, equal to the previous months.
It was also reported that a partial collapse of the southern inner crater terrace had taken place, which could lead to a blockage of gasses.
INETER warns bout the possibility of rock and mud flows (lahars) if sustained rainfalls occur on the slopes of the volcano.
The emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) was measured at the same level as on the previous day at 1361 tonnes per day.
Actualités précédentes
Current seismic signal CRIN station (INETER)
vendredi, sept. 14, 2012
San Cristóbal has intermittent weak explosions, such as early on 13 Sep at 02:11 local time, when a seismic explosion signal was recorded. ... [details]
Seismic signal on 12 Sep (CRIN station, INETER)
jeudi, sept. 13, 2012
A new moderate explosion occurred on the evening of 11 Sep shortly before 20h00, INETER reports. Seismic activity remains elevated. [details]
mercredi, sept. 12, 2012
3 small explosions occurred yesterday afternoon (at 3:33, 3:35 and 3:36 p.m.) and produced small steam and ash clouds rising 300 m above the crater. [details]
mardi, sept. 11, 2012
After the explosion on 08 September, San Cristobal remained quiet and there is only low-energy microseismicity, and weak steaming at the moment, creating a plume of 250-300 m above the crater. ... [details]
Ash fall map of the 8 Sep eruption (INETER)
lundi, sept. 10, 2012
The Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter) reports in its latest statement from last night that after 3 explosions on 8 Sep, San Cristobal volcano has been relatively quiet. SO2 measurements made yesterday indicate a flux of up 3.221 tons per day, which is well above normal levels and suggests that new explosions should be expected. ... [details]

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