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Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Tungurahua volcan
Stratovolcano 5023 m (16,479 ft)
Équateur, -1.47°S / -78.44°W
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)
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1534, 1557, 1640(?), 1641, 1644(?), 1646(?), 1757(?), 1773, 1776, 1777(?), 1781(?), 1857, 1885(?), 1886-88, 1900(?), 1916-25, 1944, 2000- (en cours)
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Moderate level of activity in the Tungurahua volcano

dim., 2 sept. 2012, 12:17
12:17 PM | AUTEUR : T
Since the beginning of this week Tungurahua's seismic activity was characterized by internal fluid movements (LP events) and volcano-tectonic earthquakes (VT) (rock fracturing within the volcanic edifice). There were 8 quakes under the northwestern flank of Tungurahua at depths between 3-13 km below the summit. It is worth noting that some of these events were felt by residents of CUSU, Juive Grande, Puntzán and Bathrooms in the evening of 26 August at 20h26 (local time) and on 29 August at 18h46 (local time) and 30 August at 09h32 (local time). These local events had magnitudes between 2.5 and 2.6. The other quakes were only recorded instrumentally.

This week there have been no explosions at the volcano. Only today there are reports of light ash falls and mild roar. On the other hand, there has been bad weather with cloud cover preventing direct observations. Continuous rains have prevailed (3 cm accumulated as recorded by a rain gauge at the top of the cone) at various intensity during the last four days, but have not generated lahars. However, in areas outside the volcano landslides and floods were reported from the major rivers Lligua, White, Green and Green Chico, in the cantons Patate and Baths. None of these rivers springs from the flanks of Tungurahua.
In the last special report No.4, issued on August 25, we mentioned a positive deformation pattern in the volcano, recorded by electronic tiltmeters and GPS. Although this pattern is still observed, it is at a lower scale, particularly in the stations high on the cone stations. Along with the absence of larger explosions, it seems that much of the energy was consumed at the beginning of this eruptive episode when significant amounts of volcanic gas and about half a million cubic meters of magma were erupted as ash and blocks between 14 and 22 August this year.

In conclusion, the decrease of eruptive parameters suggest a decrease in internal pressure of the cone. However, it should be noted that the VT earthquakes recorded recently, possibly correspond to the generation of new magma pulses at depth that could still reach the surface in the coming weeks or months. Note that in the last three years the volcano has had a rate of two or three eruptive episodes per year.
Actualités précédentes
ven., 31 août 2012, 10:05
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
Tremor remains at fluctuating moderate levels. Bad weather prevents visual observation of steam and possible ash emissions and explosions. ... lire toutes
mer., 29 août 2012, 10:05
A rising tremor signal suggests ongoing ash emissions and small explosions, but bad weather prevents observations. The recent moderate rain falls have fortunately not caused lahars, IG mentions. ... lire toutes
mar., 28 août 2012, 10:05
Spectrogram of current seismic signal showing rising tremor (PAT1 station, IG)
At the time of writing, a strongly rising tremor signal is visible, possibly associated with new explosions and ash emissions. ... lire toutes
dim., 26 août 2012, 16:04
Map of the areas recently affected by ash fall
The Instituto Geofísico published a very informative and detailed summary of the current eruption of Tungurahua: ... lire toutes
sam., 25 août 2012, 10:05
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
Activity has further calmed down over the past day. Only small explosions occurred and the maximum height of the steam and ash plume above the volcano has decreased to 2 km. lire toutes

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