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Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Tungurahua volcan
Stratovolcano 5023 m (16,479 ft)
Équateur, -1.47°S / -78.44°W
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)
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Eruptions du volcan Tungurahua:
1534, 1557, 1640(?), 1641, 1644(?), 1646(?), 1757(?), 1773, 1776, 1777(?), 1781(?), 1857, 1885(?), 1886-88, 1900(?), 1916-25, 1944, 2000- (en cours)
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Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) activity update: steaming, weak seismic activity

mercredi oct. 03, 2012 10:05 | AUTEUR : T

Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
Activity remains low at the volcano which is almost constantly covered in clouds.
Only few quakes and long-period events are recorded, but there are no reports of explosions and no significant SO2 emissions were visible on recent satellite data.
Actualités précédentes
Seismic signal this morning from RETU station (IG)
lundi, oct. 01, 2012
Seismicity at the volcano remains moderate to low. Direct observations of summit activity are hindered by near constant cloud cover, but there are no indications of recent explosions or ash emissions. [details]
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
mercredi, sept. 26, 2012
Visual observations are near impossible due to constant cloud cover, but the seismic activity, described as moderate by IG, does not indicate significant eruptive activity. [details]
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
jeudi, sept. 20, 2012
A possible small ash emission was reported by VAAC Washington at 14:16 GMT today. No ash is visible on satellite images, and the seismic signal is very quiet with only a few small volcanic earthquakes. [details]
Current seismic signal from RETU station (IG)
mercredi, sept. 19, 2012
Activity at the volcano has remained low. Steaming could be observed during windows of clear weather, and there are numerous long-period seismic events recorded. [details]
Tungurahua Volcano with little surface activity in the crater. In the crater was observed the presence of a non-permanent and little plume of steam and gas energy of about 100 meters high and westward movement direction. There have been no reports of ash fall, or the generation of noise and bellows. Image taken on the afternoon of September 11, 2012. Source: IGEPN
jeudi, sept. 13, 2012
After the sharp increase in volcanic gas emissions (SO2) and abundant presence of seismic signals related to internal movement of fluids recorded earlier this month of September, activity from Tungurahua volcano has declined markedly since 4 September and presently has seismicity with moderate to low levels, and occasionally some small steam emissions. A drastic reduction in SO2 emission rates recently is one of the most significant observations. ... [details]

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