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Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Satellite image of Tungurahua volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Tungurahua volcan
Stratovolcano 5023 m (16,479 ft)
Équateur, -1.47°S / -78.44°W
Condition actuelle: normal / en sommeil (1 sur 5)
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1534, 1557, 1640(?), 1641, 1644(?), 1646(?), 1757(?), 1773, 1776, 1777(?), 1781(?), 1857, 1885(?), 1886-88, 1900(?), 1916-25, 1944, 2000- (en cours)
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Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador): new explosions

samedi mars 08, 2014 08:13 | AUTEUR : T
Tungurahua volcano last evening
Tungurahua volcano last evening
The volcano could be entering another eruptive phase in the near future, the latest report of IGPEN suggests. After a relatively calm week, a number of small to moderate explosions occurred again during 5-6 March.
The first eruption was around 23:56 (local time) on 5 March. A small explosion was felt in areas near the volcano, followed by a slightly stronger one at 00:40 on 6 March, heard as a gunshot noise in nearby areas such as Pondoa and Bilbao, as well at IGPEN's volcano observatory. Direct observations could not be made because of cloud cover. When weather cleared in the morning, pulses of steam emissions with low ash content could be noted.
The explosions during the night had caused some ash fall of gray and black color in between the sectors of El Manzano and Palictahua (Penipe).
A 3rd explosion occurred at 10:20, forming a column with moderate ash content reaching 2 km above the summit that drifted NE and produced light ash fall for one hour.
This activity could mean that fresh magma again has started to rise in the volcano's conduit. The black color of the ash suggests it originates from new magma.
A swarm of 460 small long-period earthquakes had been registered between 27 Feb and 1 Mar, and interpreted as signs of fluid (gas and magma) movements in the volcanic edifice. This activity decreased during the past week and at the surface, the volcano only produced occasional steam, but no more explosions until the ones described above.
IGPEN further mentions that deformation measurements indicate ongoing inflation of the summit of the volcano since 15 February, which fits the interpretation of new magma arriving at the summit. Whether this magma is sufficiently large in volume to produce another series of violent activity such as at the beginning of past month ago is impossible to say.
Actualités précédentes
mercredi, mars 05, 2014
Activity has decreased at the volcano. IGPEN characterizes it still as moderate, but there have been no new significant explosions. ... lire toutes
dimanche, mars 02, 2014
Eruption of Tungurahua on 26 Feb and small pyroclastic flows (image: S. Storm OVT/IGEPN)
The volcano had a short burst of activity on 26 Feb, producing a series of moderate explosions and small pyroclastic flows reaching up to 400 m on the northern and northwestern flanks. Ash plumes rose up to 2.5 km above the crater. Since then, the volcano has been mostly quiet and only had minor emissions. lire toutes
mardi, févr. 25, 2014
Activity continues an overall decreasing trend. The volcano has occasional explosions and ash emissions, typically 4-5 per day, which cause light ash fall, mostly in Pillate, Tisaleo and El Manzano to the S and SW. In between such emissions, the volcano is calm. Seismic activity is still significant, but also seems to be decreasing, the latest IGPEN report mentions. ... lire toutes
lundi, févr. 24, 2014
Ash explosion from Tungurahua this morning
Activity remains at moderate to high levels according to the Geophysical Institute (but is considerably lower than earlier this year). Occasional explosions produce ash plumes of approx 1-2 km height and light ash fall was reported from the Pillate sector yesterday. ... lire toutes
jeudi, févr. 20, 2014
Explosion from Tungurahua yesterday evening
Overall, the volcano's visible activity has continued to decrease with fewer and weaker explosions, although seismic activity remains moderate to high. The strongest explosion in the past days was one yesterday evening that produced an ash column rising 3 km, a powerful cannon-shot explosion sound. Bombs fell around the crater at distances of 500 m. ... lire toutes

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