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Volcano activity world-wide summary 29 Aug - 4 Sept

jeudi sept. 06, 2012 06:47 | AUTEUR : T

The new Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report was published today and is summarized as follows:

-- new activity ---

Bezymianny (Kamchatka): explosive eruption on 2 Sep
Grozny (Kuriles): During 23 August-3 September fumarolic activity at Grozny Group increased.
Krakatau (Sunda Strait, Indonesia): During 1 June-1 September had only white plumes rising from the crater. Seismicity increased significantly in August. On 2 September seismicity again increased, and at 1830 a Strombolian eruption ejected lava 200-300 m above the crater. Based on analyses of satellite imagery, on 3 September ash plumes rose to altitudes of 2.4-4.3 km (8,000-14,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted 35-95 km N.
Little Sitkin (Aleutians, Alaska): High-frequency seismic swarm on 29-31 August, elevated seismicity through 3 September.
Soufrière Hills (Montserrat): low activity, small pyroclastic flow on 29 Aug
Tiatia (Kuriles): thermal anomaly at summit detected on 1 Sep
Tungurahua (Ecuador): felt earthquakes, steaming, weak explosions, crater glow

--- ongoing activity ---

Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia): frequent ash eruptions reaching 2-3 km altitude
Cleveland (Aleutians): ash at summit, no lava dome visible in the funnel-shaped crater on 17 Aug
Fuego (Guatemala): paroxysm during 3-4 Sep with lava and pyroclastic flows
Karmysky (Kamchatka): moderate seismic activity, thermal anomaly, occasional ash explosions up to 4.5 km altitude
Kilauea (Hawaii): intermittent lava flows on pali and coastal plain, lava lakes in Halema'uma'u Crater and Pu'u 'O', partial crater floor collapse in Pu'u 'O'o on 30 Aug
Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): gas and steam emissions
Popocatépetl (Mexico): strong gas and steam emissions, alert lowered on 1 Sep
Sakurajima (Japan): occasional explosions up to 3.7 km altitude, bombs ejected to up to 1300 m distance
Santiaguito (Guatemala): ash explosions 300-800 m high, 4 active flows, occasional lahars
Shiveluch (Kamchatka): viscous lava flow on NE flank, hot avalanches, growing lava dome
Actualités précédentes
mercredi, sept. 05, 2012
Krakatau volcano has been calm since 3 Sep. We posted some reports and photos from our expedition groups who happened to be there during 3-4 September. ... [details]
lundi, sept. 03, 2012
The breaking news goes to Krakatau volcano, who has started a vigorous phase of explosive activity, sending an ash plume to over 4 km altitude and causing ash fall in more than 100 km distance. According to news articles, there are now near constant explosions. ... [details]

lundi, sept. 03, 2012
Photo of the Week: South side of Vilyuchinsky volcano(2173 m), Kamchatka (photo: Marco Fulle) [details]
dimanche, sept. 02, 2012
Bezymianny volcano broke the relative calm on Kamchatka recently, and produced a larger explosion last night, wich generated an ash plume reaching 10-12 km altitude. ... [details]
vendredi, août 31, 2012
The Alaska Volcano Observatory moved Little Sitkin volcano in the western Aleutians to Yellow Alert following a strong earthquake swarm detected since late 29 August local time. ... [details]

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