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Volcanic activity world-wide 9 October 2012: Kilauea, Fuego, Santiaguito, San Miguel, Machin, Bagana, Manam, Nyiragongo, El Hierro, Sakurajima

mardi oct. 09, 2012 14:50 | AUTEUR : T

Seismic activity at El Hierro volcano has calmed down from 15 quakes on Sunday, 4 yesterday and only two very small ones registered today.

At Kilauea volcano on Hawai'i, lava flows are pooling in the coastal flat at the base of the pali, but are nowhere close to the ocean.

The new lava flow from Fuego volcano has advanced a bit and is now 150 m long, while the strength of explosions has been lower than during most previous days. Ash clouds rose 300-600 m and incandescent pulses were only up to 75 m high.

Santiaguito remains quite calm. There are some weak avalanches occurring from the lava flow fronts, but no explosions were reported during the past 24 hours.

Seismic activity at El Salvador's San Miguel volcano remains elevated with strong tremor pulses and frequent small quakes and other signals on the seismograms.
SNET has not reported other unusual activity from the volcano and maintains its safety recommendation to stay away 2 km from the summit, which was issued in July 2011 when seismicity started to increase.

On 7 October at 21:32 and 21:35 (local time) 2 volcano-tectonic quakes with local magnitude 4.6 and 3.9 occurred beneath Cerro Machin at 12 km depth to the southeast of the main dome and triggered a seismic swarm. It will be interesting to follow this volcano which has not had any historic eruption, but has been showing increased seismic activity since the 1990s.

SO2 plumes are seen today from Manam volcano and Bagana volcano in Papua New Guinea.

The Virunga Park confirmed in a personal message that both Nyiragongo and neighboring Nymuragira volcanoes are strongly steaming, which corresponds well to the recently observed elevated SO2 plumes. Unfortunately, the area is still not safe for visits due to frequent rebel incursions.

Sakurajima volcano has been a bit calmer with only 1 explosion a day since 7 Oct.
Actualités précédentes
lundi, oct. 08, 2012
The small earthquake swarm at El Hierro volcano appears to have ended already. The frequency of quakes has decreased. ... [details]
dimanche, oct. 07, 2012
Increased activity took place in the Bocca Nuova crater of Etna volcano during last night, when the tremor steeply rose. It dropped back to normal levels this morning. ... [details]
samedi, oct. 06, 2012
New explosions occurred at Lokon volcano in North Sulawesi which erupted 3 times yesterday evening, producing ash plumes rising 1.5 km above the crater and ejecting glowing bombs to 350 m height. ... [details]
vendredi, oct. 05, 2012
Weak strombolian activity continues at the Bocca Nuova crater of Etna volcano. ... [details]
jeudi, oct. 04, 2012
Earthquakes have picked up again (but not much) in numbers at El Hierro volcano. As before, the quakes are concentrated in the western El Golfo and central areas of the island. ... [details]

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