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Volcanic activity worldwide 13 Mar 2014: Ubinas, Cerro Negro de Mayasquer, Kilauea

jeudi mars 13, 2014 21:03 |

Map of seismicity near Cerro Negro volcano (Image: INGEOMINAS / Pasto Observatory)
Map of seismicity near Cerro Negro volcano (Image: INGEOMINAS / Pasto Observatory)
Small plume from Ubinas this morning (INGEMMET webcam)
Small plume from Ubinas this morning (INGEMMET webcam)
Kilauea (Hawai'i): (12 Mar) Eighteen earthquakes were strong enough to be located beneath Kilauea Volcano in the past 24 hours - about average for the past couple weeks

Cerro Negro de Mayasquer (Colombia): More than 11,000 micro-earthquakes at shallow depths were recorded beneath the volcanoes of Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles during the past few months, INGEOMINAS Pasto volcano observatory reported.
The seismic record for Cerro Negro volcano goes only back to past November when a small network of seismometers and tiltmeters was installed, so it is not known whether the observed seismic activity is abnormal or part of the normal behavior of the volcano, which last might have erupted in 1936 and has only fumarolic activity at present. In absence of stronger signs of unrest, the alert level of Cerro Negro remains at green for the moment.
The report mentions that a decrease in earthquakes was observed in the first months, while the numbers increased again this March. All quakes were tiny, not exceeding magnitude 1.2. Their hypocenters are located in a cluster a few km SE of Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and mostly between 3 and 5 km depth beneath the summit.

Ubinas (Peru): Weak ash emissions could be occurring at the volcano, recent webcam images suggest. VAAC Buenos Aires (one of the less busy VAAC centers) issued an alert in any case.
Actualités précédentes
mercredi, mars 12, 2014
MODIS hot spot at Chirpoi volcano (ModVolc, Univ. Hawaii)
Karymsky (Kamchatka): An ash plume to 7,000 ft (2.1 km) altitude and extending SW was reported early this morning (VAAC Tokyo). ... lire toutes
mardi, mars 11, 2014
Slamet (Central Java): (11 Mar) New eruptions were observed at Java's second highest volcano since yesterday evening. A series of explosions produced ash plumes rising 800-1000 m above the summit, the local observatory reported. ... lire toutes
lundi, mars 10, 2014
Thermal image of the summit craters with ash emissions from Bocca Nuova (left)
Etna (Sicily, Italy): While weak lava effusion and sporadic strombolian explosions from the New SE crater continue with little changes, the Bocca Nuova crater has started to produce occasional small ash emissions of sometimes elevated temperature (suggesting presence of magma near the surface). ... lire toutes
samedi, mars 08, 2014
Thermal image of the eastern side of Etna with the active effusive vent at the base of the NSEC
Etna (Sicily, Italy): (8 Mar) Weak lava effusion from the vent at the eastern base of the New SE crater, as well as sporadic small explosions from its summit crater continue with no significant variations over the past days. ... lire toutes
vendredi, mars 07, 2014
Small explosion at Popocatépetl yesterday morning (CENAPRED)
Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): Explosions have been becoming more frequent again. During the past 48 hours, VAAC Tokyo counted 8 eruptions of small to moderate size (ash plumes rising up to between 5-9,000 ft altitude). ... lire toutes

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