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Paroxysm No. 23 of the New South Crater on 1 April 2012
Update So 01 Apr 10:19
What already had been becoming evident late last night, the 23rd paroxysm of Etna's New SE crater occurred early during the second half of the night to 1st April.
The climax of the eruption with tall lava fountains took place at around 3 am and was relatively short, as during the previous eruption. Lava flowed into the Valle del Bove and the southeastern sector of the Etna and the surroundings received ash fall.
It is interesting to note that interval since the previous eruption, 14 days, was exactly the same as the previous interval. This suggests that once again, a certain rhythm might have established itself, and if that is true, the next paroxysm should be expected around 15 April...

Update Sat 31 Mar 22:41
Tremor and activity visible on the webcam are increasing. One would now bet that the paroxysm is going to occur during the night... - Good night to everybody!
Increasing tremor and strombolian activity
Update Sat 31 Mar 20:50
Strombolian activity from NSEC
Strombolian activity from NSEC
Rising volcanic tremor
Rising volcanic tremor
After a temporary decrease, tremor has again started to rise and on the webcam, strombolian activity can be seen. Perhaps this time, this IS the start of the next paroxysm?
Update Sat 31 Mar 16:59
Tremor signal on the afternoon of 31 March
Tremor signal on the afternoon of 31 March
It seems that we need to wait a bit more for the next paroxysm. The tremor signal has gone down again somewhat, and no reports of strombolian activity have become available.
New paroxysm today?
Update Sat 31 Mar 11:55
The tremor signal has started to rise sharply, which could mean that the 23rd paroxysm is about to occur. The next hours will show.
Update ven 30 mar 22:52
Esplosioni stromboliane dal Nuovo cratere SE la sera del 30 marzo 2012
Esplosioni stromboliane dal Nuovo cratere SE la sera del 30 marzo 2012
Continua l'attività stromboliana al nuovo cono del Cratere di SudEst segnalata nella tarda mattinata di oggi.
Le esplosioni lanciano materiale incendescente alcune decine di metri oltre l'orlo craterico e, in alcuni casi, sono state osservate bombe vulcaniche ricadere sui fianchi del cono di scorie. Durante il tardo pomeriggio e la serata le esplosioni si sono susseguite con un ritmo medio di 20-30 eventi l'ora. Dai segnali in tempo reale dell'INGV (www.ct.ingv.it) al momento non si evidenziano variazioni sostanziali nell'ampiezza del tremore vulcanico.
Fonte: www.etnawalk.it/News/Read/100/attivit--stromboliana-al-cratere-di-sudest
New Strombolian activity at SE crater in New
Update Fr 30 Mär 15:18
Weak ash emission from the New SE crater of Etna on 30 March (webcam image)
Weak ash emission from the New SE crater of Etna on 30 March (webcam image)
Since this morning, weak Strombolian activity and ash emissions have been observed at the New SE crater. This could be the start of a build-up towards another paroxysm if the eruption pattern is the same as during most of the previous 22 eruptions since early 2011. At the moment, tremor signal is quiet low, but as the past has shown, it could change very quickly. The next paroxysm could probably occur anywhere between today and the next 2 weeks.
Update Mon 19 Mar 18:14
After yesterday's short paroxysm from the New SE crater, Etna is again quiet and innocent.
The 23rd paroxysm of the New SE Crater (New SEC) of Etna occurred during the morning of 1 April following 2 weeks of quiescence.
The episode was characterized by tall lava fountains from vents within the crater and on the SE flank of its cone, a gas-and-tephra plume, and lava flows descending toward the Valle del Bove. The paroxysmal phase lasted about 1.5 hours and ended just before daybreak. Ash and lapilli fell over the SE sector of the volcano, affecting mainly the area between Monterosso and Zafferana Etnea, but also the area between Acireale and Giarre, further downslope.

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