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10-18 Oct 2020: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano
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Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009
L'AVO alzato il livello di pericolo per il codice di colore giallo, a causa della maggiore sismicità. Un'eruzione nel prossimo futuro è possibile. ... leggere tutti
Thursday, Aug 21, 2008
AVO ha riferito che il 13 agosto di basso livello a vapore-e-cenere da Okmok pennacchi erano visibili sulle immagini satellitari deriva SE ad altitudini di 3-4.6 km 10,000-15,000 (ft) slm Durante il 14-17 agosto le osservazioni del satellite sono stati impediti a causa della nube copertura; livelli sismici fluttuazioni che potrebbe indicare che il vapore e cenere-emissioni continue. Durante il 18-19 agosto, pennacchi di cenere sono stati visti sulle immagini satellitari ad altitudini di 3-4.6 km (5,000-15,000 ft) slm Il livello di allarme vulcano rimasto in Watch e il codice colore aereo di Orange. ... leggere tutti
map showing location of Mount Okmok. Image source: Cameron, Cheryl, courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory / Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
map showing location of Mount Okmok. Image source: Cameron, Cheryl, courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory / Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Okmok vulcano

Scudo centrale complessa con caldera nidificato 1073 m (3520 ft)
Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 53.4°N / -168.17°W
Stato attuale: normal or dormant (1 di 5)
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Last update: 11 Sep 2012
Stile eruttivo tipico: Explosive and effusive
Eruzioni del vulcano Okmok: 1817, 1824, 1878(?), 1899, 1931, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1943, 1945, 1958, 1960, 1981, 1983, 1986, 1997, 2008
Data / oraMag. / ProfonditàDistanzaUbicazione
Fri, 11 Sep 2020
Fri, 11 Sep 17:43 UTCM 0.2 / 1.7 km24 km56 Km ENE of Nikolski, Alaska (USA)
Fri, 11 Sep 17:06 UTCM 0.4 / 6 km22 km56 Km ENE of Nikolski, Alaska (USA)
Fri, 8 May 2020
Fri, 8 May 02:14 UTCM 0.2 / 10.8 km8 km69km NE of Nikolski, Alaska (USA)
Thu, 23 Apr 2020
Thu, 23 Apr 04:45 UTCM 0.4 / 10.8 km3 km71km NE of Nikolski, Alaska (USA)
Wed, 22 Apr 2020
Wed, 22 Apr 21:12 UTCM 0.2 / 22.3 km5 km67km NE of Nikolski, Alaska (USA)
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Okmok is one of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian island chain (Alaska). It consists of a complex of shields truncated by a caldera and several active vents inside the caldera, which have built small cones and lava flows.


Okmok's caldera was formed by at least two collapses following catastrophic pyroclastic eruptions, at around 8200 y B.P. and 2400 y. B.P.
Within the caldera, the oldest volcanic deposits are brecciated pillow lavas and pyroclastic rocks once deposited in a caldera lake. The lake attained a maximum depth of about 150 m and the upper surface reached an elevation of about 475 m, at which point it overtopped the low point of the caldera rim. A small shallow lake near the outlet of the caldera is all that remains today. Three dissected tuff cones may have been produced by eruptions beneath the former caldera lake. Other cinder cones occur atop pillow lavas; such cones apparently breached the surface of the former lake. Cinder cones and associated lava flows that are younger than the caldera lake are identified by structures and textures characteristic of subaerial eruption. The documented eruption of 1945 occurred at a cinder cone near the southwest caldera wall; this cone may have been the site of all historical activity of Okmok volcano. Hot springs and fumaroles occur both within Okmok caldera and at Hot Springs cove, 20 km to the southwest.
Source: abbreviated from AVO (

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