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Kirishima volcano
Shield volcano 1700 m / 5,577 f
Kyushu, Japan, 31.93°N / 130.86°E
Current status: restless (2 out of 5)
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Kirishima volcano eruptions:
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Kirishima volcano news & activity updates

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Sun, 13 Mar 2011, 22:37
Kirishima volcano near Kagoshima town on Kyushu Island exploded violently earlier today (13 March), sending an ash plume to 4 km elevation. This is the first significant activity since March 1. It can not be ruled out, but probably remains speculation that the violent 8.9 magnitude earthquake on 11 March played a role in the reawakening of Kirishima.
Fri, 4 Feb 2011, 07:01
Over the past days, Kirishima's overall intensity of the eruption seems decreasing. Kirishima continues to grow its lava dome and produce small to moderate vulcanian-type explosions at rates of 5-10 per day. Strong pressure waves were accompanying the explosions and could be felt in Kirishima town. People are alerted not to approach the volcano in a radius of 4 km because of the risk of falling bombs. Read more...
Wed, 2 Feb 2011, 10:27
Another powerful vulcanian explosion from the new lava dome occured today at 15:54 pm. Ash reached an elevation of 15,000 ft (ca. 5 km) and an aviation warning was issued by VAAC Tokyo. Read more...
Tue, 1 Feb 2011, 23:51
Kirishima volcano had a strong explosion from the lava dome on 31 January. Windows were shattered by the pressure wave up to 8 km away, and bombs landed up to 2 km distance. Authorities have extended the exclusion zone to 4 km from the crater as new explosions can occur any time. Read more...
Tue, 1 Feb 2011, 08:36
The new lava dome inside Kirishima's Shinmoe-dake crater seen on 31 Jan 2011 and an infrared image showing the hot central part of the dome (Source:Japan Meteorological Agency - http://www.seisvol.kishou.go.jp/tokyo/volcano.html)
The lava dome inside Kirishima's crater is growing at a fast rate. Judging from areal photos, it now more than 500 m wide and well under way of soon over-spilling the Shinmoe-dake crater. If this happens, pyroclastic flows will likely be generated and could threaten nearby areas; although explosive activity has calmed down a lot, large explosions could occur any time. For this reason Japanese authorities have extended the exclusion zone from 2 to 3 km, and evacuated more than 600 residents of the town of Takaharu located on the eastern slope of Kirishima volcano. Read more...
Sun, 30 Jan 2011, 11:47
The new lava dome inside Kirishima's crater on 29 Jan (ANN news)
The eruption at Kirishima seems to enter a more magmatic phase; while the ash plume further decreased and ash production declined, a new lava dome has appeared in the summit crater. Visible glow from the crater is now strong.
Webcam image on the evening of 30 Jan 2011 showing strong glow, possibly from a lava flow.
Sat, 29 Jan 2011, 07:35
Ash plume from Kirishima volcano drifting SE over Kyushu Island (26 Jan). Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory
The eruption at Kirishima still goes on, but the plume height today is only half in height (reaching 3-4 km, according to VAAC Tokyo). Judging from photos of the webcamera and various reports, the intensity of the ash emission seems to have gone down compared to the past days.
Fri, 28 Jan 2011, 13:35
The eruption at Kirishima continues with strong ash emissions. Strong ash falls occurs in southern Kyushu. An ash plume from the eruption seems to reach 7.5 km (25,000 ft) elevation and is drifting southeast, causing (so far minor) disruptions to air traffic. Read more...
Thu, 27 Jan 2011, 07:36
The explosive eruption of Kirishima goes on unabated. A dense column of ash is being emitted from the vent. Tokyo VAAC issued an ash cloud warning at flight level 210 - in other words, the eruption plume is estimated to have reached or could reach 21,000 ft (ca. 7 km.) Read more... read all
Wed, 26 Jan 2011, 23:28
The eruption of Kirishima volcano (Photo: FNN news)
A spectacular eruption started at Kirishima volcano on 26 January 2011. Violent explosions emit dense ash plumes and weak incandescent lava fountains. Small pyroclastic flows are devastating the lower slopes of the volcano, and many ballistic blocks impact in the vicinity of the crater. Read more... read all
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