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Lomas de Colorado volcano

Updated: Mar 4, 2024 12:03 GMT -
Shield(s) 229 m / 751 ft
Costa Rica, 10.66°N / -83.72°W
Current status: (probably) extinct (0 out of 5)

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Typical eruption style: unspecified
Lomas de Colorado volcano eruptions: None during the past 10,000 years
Less than few million years ago (Pleistocene)

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Five small Pleistocene shield volcanoes located along the Ríos Colorado and Chirripó form the Lomas de Colorado volcanic field. This group of small alkaline basaltic volcanoes is located near the Caribbean coastline at the NE-most corner of Costa Rica and covers an area of about 50 km2. The highest peak, Cerro Cocorí, is 7 km S of the confluence of the Río Chirripó and the Río Colorado. A lava flow from one of three shields named Cerro Coronel was Potassium-Argon dated at 1.2 million years (Bellon and Tournon, 1978). The westernmost part of the Lomas de Colorado is a hill known locally as Chirripó Atlántico, lying west of the Cocorí lava shield and east of the lengthy north-flowing portion of the Río Chirripó.
Source: Smithsonian / GVP volcano information

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