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Merapi volcano
Stratovolcano 2968 m / 9,737 ft
Central Java, Indonesia, -7.54°S / 110.44°E
Current status: minor activity or eruption warning (3 out of 5)
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Merapi volcano eruptions:
1548, 1554, 1560, 1584, 1586(?), 1587, 1658, 1663, 1672, 1678, 1745, 1752, 1755, 1768, 1791, 1797, 1807, 1810, 1812-22, 1822-23, 1828, 1832-36, 1837-38, 1840, 1846, 1848(?), 1849, 1854(?), 1861, 1862-64, 1865-71, 1872 (large vulcanian-subplinian eruption VEI:4) , 1872-73, 1878-79, 1883-84, 1885-87, 1888, 1889, 1891-92, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1902, 1902-04, 1905, 1906-07, 1908, 1909-13, 1915, 1918, 1920-21, 1922, 1923(?), 1924, 1930-31, 1932, 1933-35, 1939-40, 1942-45, 1948, 1953-58, 1961, 1967-1970, 1971(?), 1972-85, 1986-90, 1992-2002, April-July 2006, Oct 2010-2011 Feb, 2018 (May)
Typical eruption style:
Highly explosive. Large Plinian eruption every few 1000 of years (the last ones at about 1000 BP and 2000 BP), sometimes with associated flank collapse. Growth of lava domes, pyroclastic flows.
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Merapi volcano news & eruption updates

Merapi volcano (Central Java): sudden, large explosive eruption, ash to approx. 10 km altitude

Friday May 11, 2018 06:46 AM | BY: T

Merapi's eruption this morning (image: Andi Rosadi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
Merapi's eruption this morning (image: Andi Rosadi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
Himawari satellite image of the ash plume at 10:00 local time (image via BNPB / twitter)
Himawari satellite image of the ash plume at 10:00 local time (image via BNPB / twitter)
A sudden and large explosion occurred this morning at the volcano at 07:32 local time, producing an ash plume that rose several kilometers from the summit.
The exact height of the ash plume is unclear, but the volcano observatory reported it as 5500 m above the summit. Darwin VAAC in turn estimated the top of the ash plume having reached up to 50,000 ft (15 km) altitude (which might be overestimated) and issued a warning to aircraft in the area as the ash cloud was moving south at 20 knots.
According to preliminary information from the volcanologists, the eruption was likely an isolated event, a phreatic explosion with no new magma involved, but rather the result of overpressure accumulated over time as water and magmatic gasses trapped inside the plugged conduit suddenly burst free.
It is currently not expected that the eruption is the beginning of another dome-building phase of the volcano (which is its typical eruption type in cycles every few years to decades). Rates of seismic activity of the volcano have not increased and the alert level of the volcano remains at its lowest (1 on a scale of 1-4), although an exclusion zone of 3 km radius around the summit is recommended.
Apart from ash fall in areas south of the volcano, there seems to be no major damage. The airport of Yogyakarta was closed following the eruption, but soon reopened again. No significant activity has followed so far from the volcano and if it indeed was a phreatic event, it might well remain an isolated event.
Previous news
Friday, May 11, 2018
Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Darwin (VAAC) issued the following report: ... [more]
Friday, Aug 21, 2015
A reported ash plume yesterday has been confirmed to be from a bush fire. The volcano remains calm. [more]
Merapi volcano recently (VSI)
Friday, May 23, 2014
The Indonesian Volcanological Survey (VSI) lowered the alert level of Merapi back to "Normal" (1 out of 4). This decision came after signs of unrest had recently decreased again: ... [more]
Thursday, May 15, 2014
PVMBG reported that during 2-8 May white plumes rose as high as 650 m above Merapi. Thumping noises continued to be reported from multiple observation posts. Seismicity fluctuated but remained above background levels. ... [more]
Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014
VSI raised the alert level of the volcano from "normal" to "waspada" (2 out of 4). This decision was triggered by numerous signs that the volcano is in unstable phase that might or might not build up to an eruption: an increase in volcano-tectonic earthquakes, observed rock avalanches and gas emissions were detected over the past weeks. ... [more]

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