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Friday, Sep 14, 2012
An M 2.4 earthquake occurred beneath the summit of Mount Rainier at 08:45 PDT, September 13, and was followed by a dozen or so aftershocks over the next ~20 minutes. ... [more]

Mount Rainier volcano

stratovolcano 4329 m / 14,409 ft, Washington, USA, 46.85°N / -121.76°W
Nearby recent earthquakes (within 30km radius):

Earthquake list: past 7 days (only M>=-0.8) (9 quakes)

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Earthquake depth plot Updated: Mon, 27 Mar 10:40 UTC (GMT)
TimeMag. / DepthDistanceLocationMapSource
Sat, 25 Mar
Sat, 25 Mar 13:03 UTCM 0.9 / 12.4 km - [info]Mount Rainier (19 km) - Washington, USA- 22km ENE of Eatonville, Washington
Fri, 24 Mar
Fri, 24 Mar 18:14 UTCM 1.3 / 11.5 km - [info]Mount Rainier (23 km) - Washington, USA- 20km SE of Orting, Washington
Fri, 24 Mar 18:14 UTCM 2.9 / 13 km - [info]Mount Rainier (24 km) - Washington, USA WASHINGTON
Thu, 23 Mar
Thu, 23 Mar 13:20 UTCM 0.8 / 13.5 km - [info]Mount Rainier (23 km) - Washington, USA- 18km SSE of Buckley, Washington
Thu, 23 Mar 03:29 UTCM 0.5 / 1.4 km - [info]Mount Rainier (4 km) - Washington, USA- 31km N of Packwood, Washington
Wed, 22 Mar
Wed, 22 Mar 05:08 UTCM 0.6 / 1.4 km - [info]Goat Rocks (19 km)Explosion - 15km ENE of Packwood, Washington
Wed, 22 Mar 00:20 UTCM 1.4 / 8.7 km - [info]Mount Rainier (13 km) - Washington, USA- 26km NW of Packwood, Washington
Glenoma Wa / MMI II (Very weak shaking): I think I felt it in Morton while standing in a restaurant. Felt like the floor was swaying. It was around 8:00 pm.
Mon, 20 Mar
Mon, 20 Mar 22:18 UTCM 1.0 / 5.5 km - [info]Mount Rainier (24 km) - Washington, USA- 13km WNW of Packwood, Washington
Mon, 20 Mar 20:45 UTCM 1.1 / 9.4 km - [info]Mount Rainier (15 km) - Washington, USA- 23km E of Eatonville, Washington
Prominent features on and around Mt. Rainier
Summit of Mt Rainier:
There are 3 peaks: Columbia Crest at 14,158 feet (4315 m), Point Success at 14,158 feet (4315 m), and Liberty Cap at 14,112 feet (4301 m). Little Tahoma (11,138 ft / 3395 m) is a small peak located on the eastern flank of the volcano.

Camp Muir: A stone shelter cabin located at ca. 10,000 ft.

Camp Hazard:
A campsite is located at 11,600 ft below Ice Cliff.

Carbon Glacier: The thickest and 3rd largest of Mt Rainier. Its terminus is at 3,500 ft. It is 5.7 miles long and 700 ft thick.

Russell Glacier: a tributary to the Carbon Glacier on the north side.

Cowlitz Glacier: The Cowlitz-lngraham Glacier advanced from the mid-1970's until the mid-1980's, but is currently thinning and retreating.

Echo Rock: an old volcanic vent on the NW flank.

Emmons Glacier: a large glacier on the eastern slope of the mountian. In 1963, a rockfall from Little Tahoma Peak covered the lower glacier with rock debris. The debris cover insulates the ice from melting. As a result of decreased melting, the glacier advanced rapidly in the early 1980's. That advance is still continuing today, but at a slower rate.

Nisqually Glacier: The glacier can be viewed from Nisqually and Glacier Vistas located less than 1 mile from the Paradise visitor facilities.

Winthrop Glacier: the second largest glacier on Mount Rainier, with an area of 3.5 square miles.

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