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El Hierro vulkaan
schildvulkaan 1500 m
Canary Islands (Spain), 27.63°N / -17.99°W
Current status: normal or dormant (1 out of 5)
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El Hierro vulkaanuitbarstingen:
2012 (?) (probable second submarine eruption in June-July west of the island), 2011-12 (Oct-Mar, submarine eruption near La Restinga), 1793
Typical eruption style:
vooral uitbundig, basaltisch spleet erupties
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El Hierro volcano (Canary Islands) news & activity updates

El Hierro volcano (Canary Islands, Spain): intense volcanic tremor and speculations about possible new vents

Thursday Nov 17, 2011 18:48 PM |

A brown spot is visible above the submarine vent.
A brown spot is visible above the submarine vent.
At times, upwelling water causes the surface of the water to cover with foam.
At times, upwelling water causes the surface of the water to cover with foam.
Dark strings of mud(?) floating in the area above the vent
Upwelling flattens the surface of the vents, but no steam or hot block were observed.
Upwelling flattens the surface of the vents, but no steam or hot block were observed.
Helicopter pictures of the upwelling muddy water above the vent published on 17 Nov by Guardia Civil – Involcan.
The volcanic tremor measured at El Hierro remains at very high levels and in sharp contrast to visible activity, feeding speculations and fear about new volcanic vents opening up somewhere on or near the island. Some fear such a new vent could be located in the El Golfo Bay, near Frontera, since most of the (deep) earthquakes in recent days are concentrated beneath the northern sector of the island. However, so far, these earthquakes are very deep (ca. 20 km) and do not point towards an immediate eruption in this area, rather are intrusions of dykes in the upper mantle beneath the island.
At La Restinga at the southern tip of the island, we could observe a slight increase in activity from the submarine vent ca. 1 km off the coast today: every 15-30 minutes, brownish plumes of water could be seen upwelling, flattening the ocean surface and somtimes producing dark stretches of floating mud(?) and foam (not steam!) in a circular area around the vents.
The Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (INVOLCAN) has been recording highly elevated levels of Helium and CO2 gas dissolved in the water around La Restinga, another sign that the submarine eruption is still in progress.
Koppelingen / Bronnen:
  • INVOLCAN (facebook)
  • Las Noticias de Canarias' photostream (flickr)
Vorig nieuws
Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011
Field observations at La Restinga at the southern tip of El Hierro have shown none or very little activity above the submarine vents during the past 2 days. Only a small brownish spot is present and the discolored sea water area seems to be getting significantly smaller. Likely, volcanic activity at the vent has stopped again. La Restinga town is very slowly recovering from its forced closure. ... [meer...]
Hot scoria floats to the surface above the vent (14 Nov afternoon)
Monday, Nov 14, 2011
Activity from the submarine volcano has restarted in the Las Calmas Sea south of La Restinga, El Hierro, from more or less the same submarine vent as last week. Today, steaming hot black lava blocks could be observed reaching the surface of the sea above the vent. A broad area of muddy discolored water drifts away from the site, and foam (or pumice) rings are formed around on the water. The stain of the sea has increased again and a number of dead or dying fish are seen in the harbor of La Restinga (open during daytime). [meer...]
The area of the submarine vent seen on Thursday.
Sunday, Nov 13, 2011
Since Wednesday, the submarine activity south of La Restinga is not producing much signs at the surface and seems to have stopped or continuing at much lower levels. A part of the VolcanoDiscovery team is now on location and we can observe the activity directly. Only occasionally, a weak brownish mud seems to reach the surface, sometimes accompanied by foam and / or pumice. It seems likely that the first vent has or is dying. ... [meer...]
Wednesday, Nov 09, 2011
There is a pause of the eruption at El Hierro. The activity from the submarine vents ca. 1 km south of El Hierro has decreased significantly, or even stopped completely today, scientists in La Restinga and the Guardia Civil reported. ... [meer...]
Tuesday, Nov 08, 2011
Explosions above the still submarine vents south of El Hierro are getting stronger and follow one another every 10 to 15 minutes, generating large clouds and sometimes jets of gas, steam and ash mixed with blocks rising to 30-35 meters. At night, red glow is visible above the jacuzzi. ... [meer...]

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