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Islands of Fire and Whales

- 14-days sailing expedition to the northern Kuriles Islands -

Atlasov Island with its volcano
Atlasov Island with its volcano
Our expedition vessel (18m long / 4.5 m wide schooner) which comfortably carries 8 passengers plus crew
Our expedition vessel (18m long / 4.5 m wide schooner) which comfortably carries 8 passengers plus crew
Planned itinerary of the Kurile Islands cruise
Planned itinerary of the Kurile Islands cruise
Ebeko volcano eruption (photo: L Kotenko)
Ebeko volcano eruption (photo: L Kotenko)
Kurile Islands panorama
Kurile Islands panorama
Interior of our boat
Interior of our boat
Pilot tour 14-28 July 2019 - booked out
The Kurile Islands stretching from Japan to Kamchatka are formed by very active volcanoes, which however are rarely visited by people.
We plan to charter a small expedition vessel that accommodates up to 8 people and spend 12 days sailing between the northern group of volcanoes, and try to approach and observe some of the most active volcanoes in the chain.
  • Visit some of the world's most active and rarely visited volcanoes
  • Very small group size
  • Amazing wildernesses and breathtaking land- and seascapes
  • Untouched volcanic features from close
  • Large calderas and impressive stratovolcanoes
  • Abundant sea and bird life
  • Expedition style
  • Accompanying Russian and German volcanologist team

Kurile Islands expedition

The exact itinerary during the expedition might need to be adjusted depending on weather, sea, volcanic and other unexpected conditions as well as the time-table of the public ferry from Petropavlovsk to Severo-Kurilsk.
Dag 1: (17 July 2020) Arrival in Petropavlovsk
Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Elizovo airport), pickup and transfer to our guesthouse. Time to relax, enjoy great views. Final preparations, shopping, visit the city center. Dinner and briefing in the evening.
Acc.: guesthouse (L, D)
Dag 2: (18 Jul 2020) Spare day in Petropavlovsk
Spare day in Kamchatka. Optional: city tour to Petropavlovsk and visit of the Volcanarium museum to hear a lecture about volcanoes or the helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers (extra).
Acc.: as before (B, D)
Dag 3-6: (19-22 Jul) 5 days sailing expedition
Day 3-7: (19-23 July) 5 days sailing expedition along the eastern coast of Kamchatka and Kurile
Day 3 Boarding, start sailing. Starichkov islands, Vilyuchinskaia bay, russian bay
Day 4 Sail to Severo-Kurilsk.
Day 5 Sail Alaid volcano. Taketomi
Day 6 Sail Shumshu, birds islands
If the weather permits days 5-7 can be used for going to Alaid, than Onekotan, caldera Black lake and than further sailing around Paramushir)
Acc.: shared cabins on board (B, L, D)
Dag 7: Arrival to Severo-Kurilsk
Spare day on the boat. In the evening arrival to Severo-Kurilsk
Acc.: hostel (B, L, D)
Dag 8: Climb Ebeko volcano
(24 Jul) Climb Ebeko
Acc.: tents (B, L, D)
Dag 9: (25 Jul) Exploration Ebeko volcanic fields
Exploration Ebeko volcanic fields - fumaroles, crater lake, hot springs. In the evening visit of volcano observation place.
Acc.: tents
Dag 10: (26 Jul) Day in Severo-Kurilsk
Go down to Severo-Kurilsk. Visit museum, walk along the beach. Overnight hostel
Acc.: hostel (B, L, D)
Dag 11: (27 Jul) Trekking to glacier lakes
trekking to glacier lakes
Acc.: as
Dag 12: (28 July) Departure with Gipanis to Petropavlovsk
Ferry back from Severo-Kurilsk to Petropavlovsk (over night)
Acc.: night on ferry (B, L, D)
Dag 13: (29 Jul) Arrival to Petropavlovsk, farewell dinner
Arrival to Petropavlovsk, transfer to Elizovo. Accommodation in guesthouse, farewell dinner.
Acc.: guesthouse (B, L, D)
Dag 14: Departure, extension program in Kamchatka
Departure, extension program in Kamchatka

Aankomst info:

The tour starts and ends in Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka).

Tour code:RUS_KUR
Soort reis: Expedition: geologie - fotografie - avontuur
Moeilijkheidsgraad:Aangepaste (variabele)
Group size:5-6
Duur: 15 days / 14 nights


geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment

Prijs (pp): 5900 EUR (if 6 part.) / 6300 EUR (if 5 part.)


  • All transfers to / from Petropavlovsk
  • Boat charter for 9 days / 8 nights
  • Boat crew incl. cook
  • Full board incl. drinking water, tea, coffee
  • Camping & safety gear (incl. satellite phone)
  • Accompanying volcanologist from the Institute of Volcanology in Petropavlovsk specialist for the Kurile Islands
  • Accompanying volcanologist from our team (Dr. Tom Pfeiffer)

Tour guide:

Normally, volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer accompanies this tour. Tom has been traveling to volcanoes and documenting volcanic activity for over 20 years. His science background includes a PhD thesis about Santorini and Vesuvius volcano and he has worked at the Hawai'i and Vesuvius volcano observatories before founding VolcanoDiscovery in 2004 and the new brand Volcano-Adventures in 2015.
Tom speaks German, English, Italian, French, Greek and Danish fluently as well as some Spanish where needed.
Volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer on Santorini

Important note:

- Returning customers of VolcanoDiscovery will have priority on this expedition.
- Deposit payment modalities: by end of Oct, we will need to ask for a 3000 EUR deposit, as we will then need to pay a deposit for the boat charter. Rest payment is then due by 2 month prior to the trip.
- In case of cancellation from YOUR side, our refund policy on this trip is changed: until 1 Mar 2019: 10%, until 30 April: 50%, after and including 1 May: 90% cancellation fee. If you or we can find another traveler to take your spot then, we can waive the cancellation fee to a service fee of 100 EUR.
- The indicated per person price at 5 (6) participants is based on 480,000 (450,000) RUB at an exchange rate of 76 RUB/EUR. If by 2 months prior to the tour, the RUB/EUR exchange rate has deviated more than 5% from this value, the per person EUR price will be be adjusted accordingly to recalculate the final payment due.
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