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The Wall Paintings of Thera

by Christos Doumas

D a P Assoc (September 1, 1993)

Hardcover (191 pages)

The ancient wall paintings that have been unearthed in the Bronza-Age city near Akrotiri on Santorini, more than 3600 years old, are among the most intriguing and beautiful pieces of art from the history of mankind. They belong to a civilization whose traces are mysteriously lost in time, but yet they portrait an unrivalled joy, lightness and beauty of life. The vibrant potraits of people, birds, dolphins and flowers are their subjects, all familiar and yet so strange to us. This book, written by the chief of the excavation, Prof. C. Doumas, is more than a series of good color reproductions, but it explains the archeological and tecnical background as well and is very well written. The book itself has a high quality and meets the expectations and standards for photographs in books.  more...


Books about Santorini - geology:

Fire in the Sea: The Santorini Volcano: Natural History and the Legend of Atlantis

by Walter L. Friedrich, Alexander R. McBirney (Translator)

Cambridge University Press (May 11, 2000)

Hardcover (272 pages)

An excellent and complete source of information on the natural history of the Santorini volcano. Both for interested lay-men and students and researchers, this book is a must-have by anyone interested on Santorini. Personally written by Prof. Walter Friedrich, it contains many excellent color illustrations, pictures and historic sources. Translated by the famous volcanologist A. McBirney.  more...

Santorini Volcano (Geological Society Special Memoir, 19)

by M. Davies, L. Edwards, R. S. J. Sparks, R. M. Mellors, D. M. Pyle, M. Lanphere, B. Barreirio, T. H. Druitt, Timothy H. Druitt (Editor)

Geological Society (October 1, 1999)

Hardcover (165 pages)

Santorini has been the focus of significant scientific and scholastic interest because of the great Bronze Age explosive eruption that buried the Minoan town of Akrotiti. Santorini is still active. It has been dormant since 1950, but there have been several substantial historic eruptions. Because of this potential risk to life, both for the indigenous population and for the large number of tourists who visit it, Santorini has been designated one of five European Laboratory Volcanoes by the European Commission.Santorini has long fascinated geologists, with some important early work on volcanoes being conducted there. Since 1980, research groups at Cambridge University, and later at the University of Bristol and Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferand, have collected a large amount of data on the stratigraphy, geochemistry, geochronology and petrology of the volcanics. The volcanic field has been remapped at a scale of 1:20 000. A remarkable picture of cyclic volcanic activity and magmatic evolution has emerged from this work. Much of this work has remained unpublished until now.  more...

Santorini and Its Eruptions (Foundations of Natural History)

by Ferdinand A. Fouqué, Alexander McBirney (Translator)

The Johns Hopkins University Press (July 1, 1998)

Hardcover (857 pages)

Ferdinand André Fouqué, like his student and son-in-law Alfred Lacroix, is among the most glorious names of early volcanologists. His great work included some of the first in modern terms scientific studies on volcanoes as Santorini, Etna and the Azores, and contributed a lot to the development of modern volcanology. The monograph "Santorin et ses Eruptions" was first published in 1879 as the result of years of intense geologic, but also archaeologic research. During the late '60s and 70's large amounts of pumice were quarried on Santorini and shipped to Egypt for the construction of the Suez channel. This activity brought to light the first remains of prehistoric settlements and Fouqué was lucky to be among the first who were interested in these structures. During several years he also conducted excavations at own expenses. His notes, drawings and accurate descriptions of what by now has almost completely been forgotten or destroyed by later careless quarrying and building activity are therefore of immense value for archaeologists. Santorin et ses Eruptions has been regarded as a standard reference for Santorini's geology and archaeology. Even now, is still among the most thorough and detailed studies concerning volcanism of Santorini. Most interesting are historical accounts of the formation of the Kameni islands, an awsomly detailed description of the 1866 eruption of Nea Kameni and a long chapter on the early archaeological founds of prehistoric settlements. The English translation by Alexander McBirney fills a real and valuable hole of the volcanic literature. Beyond being a simple translation it contains many critical remarks, an up-to-date summary table of the cronology of volcanism of Santorini, and a reference list that includes some titles of interesting early geologic and archaeologic studies- not only on Santorini- which hopefully will keep them from getting lost.  more...

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