Short tours and excursions:

Etna volcano (Sicily): Etna Trekking Tour
(private and group tours to Etna volcano with a mountain guide)
Private day tours on Etna volcano
Duur: 4-7 hours Soort reis: 1-daagse tours: actieve vulkanen Moeilijkheidsgraad Aangepaste (variabele)
Prijs p.p.: from 95 EUR p. p.
Aangepaste en groep datums

16 + 17 June: spots available for summit / eruption tours to Etna with volcanologist (Dr Tom Pfeiffer)Enjoy Europe's most active volcano on a private day-tour with one of our expert mountain guides! Stand on the roof of the Mediterranean,- Etna's majestic summit towering at about 3300 m a.s.l.,- and enjoy a breathtaking view around. To peer into the abysses of Europe's largest active volcano's craters is an experience of a lifetime.
In a small private group, an experienced guide from our team brings you all the way up to Etna's summit (if weather, your condition, volcanic activity and regulations by authorities allow it).
Depending on the chosen itinerary, this tour requires moderate to excellent physical condition, adequate clothing and takes between 5 and up to 7 hours total duration.
Access to the summit area and the craters may be restricted at any time due to the frequently changing eruptive conditions. ...meer info

Eolische Eilanden: Stromboli Beklimming
(Vulkaanbeklimming Stromboli in een groep of met privé gids)
Climbs to Stromboli volcano
Duur: 5-7 hours (afternoon / evening) Soort reis: 1-daagse tours: actieve vulkanen Moeilijkheidsgraad Matige
Prijs p.p.: from 40 EUR p.p.
Aangepaste en groep datums
Any day between 15 Mar - 1 Nov
Klimmen Stromboli vulkaan kan worden een zeer lonende ervaring. Stromboli is beroemd om zijn regelmatige vuurwerk sinds de oudheid, is één van de weinige vulkanen in de wereld die in in de buurt van constante activiteit. Het biedt bezoekers een relatief eenvoudig toegang tot een uitkijkpunt waar zijn vuurwerk van zeer dichtbij kunnen worden waargenomen in redelijke veiligheid.
Bovendien, is het eiland Stromboli met zijn bijzonder verslavend charme altijd een bezoek waard. Omgeven door zee, mooie witte huizen met weelderige tuinen, magnificient zwarte zand stranden, een rustige setting (geen auto's), biedt het een perfecte omgeving voor een ontspannen vakantie. ...meer info

Santorini Island (Greece): Santorini Geology Tour
(private tours to discover Santorini's geology with a volcanologist, 1-3 days)
Duur: 1-3 days Soort reis: 1-daagse tours: geologie Moeilijkheidsgraad Aangepaste (variabele)
Prijs p.p.: from 750 EUR
Custom tour dates
We offer you private geology tours to get to know the extraordinary geology and natural history of Santorini island, but also aspects of the deep connection with its cultural history and archaeology. ...meer info

East Java (Indonesia): Volcanoes of East Java
(4-5 days walking tour to Bromo, Semeru and Ijen)
Volcanoes in East Java: Bromo, Semeru, Ijen
Duur: 4-5 days Soort reis: Wandelen: natuur - actieve vulkanen Moeilijkheidsgraad Aangepaste (variabele)
Prijs p.p.: depending on nr of people and program
Custom tour dates
On this tour you will explore the best known and most active volcanoes of East Java: Bromo and the spectactular Tengger caldera, the constantly active Semeru and Ijen volcano with its infamous acid lake and sulphur mines.
Hot springs, rainforests, dramatic landscapes, Indonesia's welcoming and charming people, scientific and local competence, a mixture of fun and adventure await you. The tour is ideal as an excursion from Bali and is designed for individuals or small groups on request. ...meer info

Villarrica volcano (Chile): Villarrica Geotour
(1-day geotour around Villarrica volcano with a volcanologist guide and Villarrica expert)
Duur: 1 day Soort reis: 1-daagse tours: geologie - actieve vulkanen Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 140 €  ? 
Custom tour dates
Villarrica is the most active volcano in Chile, which rises above the lake and town of the same name. This volcano has had 120 eruptions since 1400! So the history of this volcano is very interesting! Caldera collaps, plinian eruptions and pyroclastic flows..all this you will find there.
This tour is for those, who are interested in earth sciences, nature lovers and photographers, who wish an insight into the past and present of Villarrica volcano, from the perspective of an research volcanologist from POVI (Chile`s Volcanoes Foundation).
This trip do not require special physical conditions as you are transported from one sight to the other, and during each stop you make an up to 10 min walk around the place, listening to the guide's explanations and admiring breathtaking scenery. ...meer info
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