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9-22 Feb 2019: Desert, salt and volcanoes - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
2-17 May 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
4-11(12) May 2019: Fascination Volcano - Santorini Island (Greece)
4-12 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
11-19 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
7-12 Jun 2019: Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel - Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
8-16 Jun 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
14-30 Jun 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
8-23 Jul 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
13-29 Aug 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
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Photo of the Day

Ash eruption of the Santiaguito lava dome, Guatemala (Photo: Yashmin Chebli)
1411 Hits
Lava bomb at Playa de Verodal/El Hierro (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
2015 Hits
Eruption at Yasur volcano, Vanuatu (Photo: Guy Franquinet)
350 Hits
Red porphyry from Rochlitz - actually a volcanic tuff - is still mined and can be admired in many buildings in Saxony, Germany. (Photo: Janka)
1203 Hits
The surface of the lava lake of Nyiragongo - an ever changing Kaleidoscope of patterns. (Photo: shinkov)
1611 Hits
Caldera Gof Choba, Chalbi Desert/ Marsabit National Reserve, near Marsabit, Northern Kenya (Photo: WNomad)
864 Hits
1 Apr
Close-up of lava fountains from Nyamuragira volcano (DR Congo) in Nov 2011 (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
1354 Hits
The rain forest of the Virunga mountains. It was raining indeed as it should in a rain forest. (Photo: shinkov)
269 Hits
The active lava lake of Erta Ale starts glowing with the falling of the night. (Photo: shinkov)
226 Hits
Lava Lake of Marum, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu in 2011 (Photo: ulla)
570 Hits
Lava tube in: Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote Isl., Canary Islands (Photo: WNomad)
939 Hits
Our tour guide Ulla Lohmann above Marum Crater, Ambrym, Vanuatu. Foto: Basti Hofmann (Photo: ulla)
403 Hits
Glow from Anak Krakatau's growing lava dome on 26 March 2012 (Photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
1441 Hits
During phases of stronger degassing from the lava-filled vent inside the crater, lava bursts reach tens of meters above the crater rim. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
735 Hits
Springflowers (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
848 Hits
Houses in Nikia village (c)
1409 Hits
Merapi seen from the SE side on May 21. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
3780 Hits
Orchid (Ophrys papilionacea?) form the Mavro Vouno at the village Ia/Santorini, 29.03.2012 (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
1558 Hits
Kluchevskoy (l) and Kamen(r)  volcanoes seen from across the moraine. (Photo: Anastasia)
358 Hits
view from Göreme/Cappadocia to Volcano Erciyes Dagi, Kayseri Province, Central Anatolia, turkey (Photo: WNomad)
1018 Hits
Growing lava dome inside Anak Krakatau's summit crater on 26 March 2012 (Photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
2568 Hits
Controlling the rope before the descent into Bembow crater, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu (Photo: ulla)
240 Hits
Moraine of Boganovicaha Glacier on the way to Klyuchevsky. It took us three days to go around Bezymyanny, cross numerous lava fields, walk along the Bogdanovicha Glacier Marine edge, and finally walk up the Bogdanovicha Glacier, crossed with precipices and pitfalls and decaying rock, to finally reach a freezing and open to all winds base camp at the foot of Kluchvskoy (3300 m). (Photo: Anastasia)
460 Hits
Lava Lake of Marum, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu in 2011 (Photo: ulla)
529 Hits
pillars crowned by volcanic rock in: Isimila Site, Iringa region, Tansania (Photo: WNomad)
271 Hits
Zoom onto the lava fountain during the 24th paroxysm of Etna's New SE crater on 12 April 2012 (Photo: Marco Restivo /
911 Hits
Lava flow at night and lights of Giarre in the background (Etna volcano) (c)
9057 Hits
Showa crater (Sakurajima volcano), vulcanian eruption (01.01.10, a. 00:05) (Photo: Richard Roscoe)
1727 Hits
The lake-filled crater of Irazu volcano, Costa Rica (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
2743 Hits
l003.jpg (Photo: Roland Gerth)
1166 Hits
Lava flow at Etna volcano, Italy. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
14540 Hits
Bembow and Marum Volcano in 2011, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu (Photo: ulla)
250 Hits
Etna's SE crater in October 2010. The New SE crater (the large cone to the right of it as of 2012) did not yet exist then... (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
875 Hits
Galunggung volcano's crater, West Java, Indonesia (Photo: Roland Gerth)
2285 Hits
Showa crater, Sakurajima volcano, strombolian eruption following vulcanian explosion (01.01.10) (Photo: Richard Roscoe)
2744 Hits
Mayon volcano, Legaspi, Philippines, on 3 Feb 2012. (Photo: ThomasH)
6754 Hits
1 May
Spring-time on Santorini Island, Greece (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1249 Hits
Evening sun in a tuff quarry near Rochlitz, Germany (Photo: Janka)
818 Hits
Descending into Valle del Bove, Etna volcano, Italy (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
2260 Hits
View of Etna from Alitalia flight from Trieste to Catania on 21 Apil 2012 (Photo: marcofulle)
4416 Hits
Lava fountain during the 24th paroxysm of Etna's New SE crater on 12 April 2012 (Photo: Marco Restivo /
1144 Hits
Group on a narrow ledge that separates two vents on Etna volcano, Italy. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
7844 Hits
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