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14-29 Sep 2018: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
26 Sep - 1 Oct 2018: Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel - Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
26 Sep - 10 Oct 2018: Volcanoes and Cultures - Adventures in the South Sea - Vanuatu (South Sea)
30 Sep - 7 Oct 2018: Fascination Volcano - Santorini Island (Greece)
30 Sep - 10 Oct 2018: The Volcanoes of Ambrym - the Grand Traverse - Vanuatu (South Sea)
6-13 Oct 2018: Pearl of the Aegean - Santorini - Santorini Island, Greece
6-14 Oct 2018: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
13-20 Oct 2018: Almonds, olives and volcanoes - Nisyros Island, Greece
13-29 Nov 2018: Volcano Special: Ibu - Dukono - Lokon - Halmahera (Indonesia)
6-13 Apr 2019: Pearl of the Aegean - Santorini - Santorini Island, Greece
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Crater of Gorely volcano, Kamchatka (Photo: AndreyNikiforov)
248 Hits
Night glow of the lava lake in Halemaumau Crater, Kilauea, Hawaii; August 2015 (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
268 Hits
Fumarole of Papandayan volcano (Photo: Uwe Ehlers /
598 Hits
Eruption at Yasur (Photo: Yashmin Chebli)
608 Hits
Lava texture of Kilauea lava fields, Hawaii, August 2015 (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
186 Hits
1 Apr
Strong strombolian activity from Etna's New SE crater 28 Feb 2017 evening (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
280 Hits
Sulfur whirlpool in one of the Kelimutu crater lakes. (Photo: mlyvers)
413 Hits
Close view of spattering at the breached rim of the overflowing lava lake and the lava river. (Photo: Paul Reichert)
1012 Hits
Fantastic scene inside the crater of Pu'u O'o. (Photo: mlyvers)
224 Hits
Lava was moving at several meters per second speed. (Photo: Paul Reichert)
1661 Hits
Ash emission from Colima volcano (Mexico), Feb 2017 (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
253 Hits
Lava flow into the Valle del Bove at dusk (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
977 Hits
Etna Eruption, steam ring over the summit, (Photo: Etna3340)
138 Hits
Marum lava lake / Yashmin CHEBLI 2014MARUM072014_0170r.jpg (Photo: Yashmin Chebli)
294 Hits
The summit caldera of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa Island, Indonesia), formed during the 1815 eruption (Photo: ThomasH)
322 Hits
Halemaumau crater at dawn; golden hour (March, 2017) (Photo: KatSpruth)
115 Hits
Sangeang Api volcano (Indonesia) with the 2015 lava flow (image taken March 2017) (Photo: ThomasH)
185 Hits
The basaltic cone of Bukovec (1.005 m) is dominating the small community of Jizerka, Jizerské hory, Czech Republic (Photo: Janka)
134 Hits
Streams of molten sulfur (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
768 Hits
Crack on the floor of Erta Ale's north crater (30 Dec 2016), filled by upwelling lava from below after inflation. (Photo: Jens-Wolfram Erben)
154 Hits
Trails of steam left behind the larger hot lava projectiles. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
216 Hits
Strong strombolian activity from Etna's New SE crater and lava flow on 28 Feb 2017 evening (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
178 Hits
Close-up of lava flow (Photo: roland)
803 Hits
Exploding lava bubble (16 Jan). "Lava waves were hitting the edge of the lake creating small fountains (1-2 m of height)." (Richard) (Photo: Paul Reichert)
1290 Hits
The summit caldera of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa Island, Indonesia), formed during the 1815 eruption (Photo: ThomasH)
117 Hits
Inner caldera walls of Tambora volcano (Photo: ThomasH)
288 Hits
Colima in eruption, Mexico, Feb 2017 (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
203 Hits
Thin lava roof that has formed above the channel a bit further downslope where the lava flow again flows underground. (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
1172 Hits
Active hornitos in Erta Ale's north crater, 30 Dec 2016 (Photo: Jens-Wolfram Erben)
254 Hits
Balinese - miracle farms perched on the steep, volcanic landscape. (Photo: KatSpruth)
319 Hits
Where the lava hose plunges into the sea, it triggers near-constant (so-called "littoral") explosions, throwing dark masses of still-hot, steaming lava fragments and water into the air. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
331 Hits
View onto the lava channel exiting its tube. (Photo: Emanuela / VolcanoDiscovery Italia)
1271 Hits
Lava lake (Vanuatu) (Photo: KatSpruth)
184 Hits
Etna Eruption, summit view, Visit Mount Etna with (Photo: Etna3340)
180 Hits
Fumarole at Papandayan (Photo: Uwe Ehlers /
592 Hits
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