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9-22 Feb 2019: Desert, salt and volcanoes - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
2-17 May 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
4-11(12) May 2019: Fascination Volcano - Santorini Island (Greece)
4-12 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
11-19 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
7-12 Jun 2019: Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel - Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
8-16 Jun 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
14-30 Jun 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
8-23 Jul 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
13-29 Aug 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
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Photo of the Day

The western crater has two vents; the one to the N (right), a narrow glowing hole, sometimes erupts strong vertical jets of lava, accompanied by detonation sounds. This one is relatively large and ejects lava bombs to more than 200 m. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1724 Hits
A cinder cone on Gorely's NE flank. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
561 Hits
Full moon illuminating Stromboli village and Strombolicchio islet, Italy (Photo: Janka)
369 Hits
Rainfall carved out erosion canyons through the weathered volcanic deposits  (Photo: Ingrid Smet)
350 Hits
1 Dec
Bromo emitting steam and Semeru erupting (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
481 Hits
Salt cutter at Lake Asale (Photo: Stefan Tommasini)
604 Hits
View on Vulcanello peninsula and Lipari island from the crater rim of Gran Cratere, Vulcano island, Italy (Photo: Janka)
226 Hits
Agios Nikolaos Bay with hydrothermal springs at Palea Kameni Island, Santorini volcano (Greece) (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
408 Hits
The crater of explosions from 1928 (Nea Kameni, Santorini volcano) (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
460 Hits
Last sunlight paints the inner crater walls with red light. Note the silhouettes of some hikers for scale. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
607 Hits
A powerful vulcanian-type explosion shakes the ground. Many incandescent bombs are thrown many hundreds of meters into the night sky, and many of them land outside the crater. Note, that most blocks are actually NOT glowing, making a further approach to Bromo quite dangerous. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
6723 Hits
When the sun sets upon the child of Krakatoa (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
1040 Hits
View across the caldera of Nisyros towards Emporio from the village of Nikia (Photo: Ingrid Smet)
302 Hits
Candle-like strombolian eruption from the NW vent. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1203 Hits
Walking Parco dell'Etna near Bronte, Sicily, Italy (Photo: Janka)
175 Hits
Galunggung volcano's crater lake (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
621 Hits
Full moon sky, the caldera and a birght eruption of Anak Krakatau. (25 Nov 2007) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
5720 Hits
The NW crater of Gorely, site of the most recent episode of unrest at the volcano during 2013-14 when a vent next to the small acid lake was emitting a hot jet of incandescent gas (at 900 deg temperatures). Now, it is calm again, but for how long? (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
750 Hits
Georgios crater on Nea Kameni Island in spring (Santorini volcano, Greece)  (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
686 Hits
Hornito of cooled, white natrocarbonatite lava inside Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano's crater (early Dec 2017) (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
750 Hits
View from the hike halfway up to Emporio towards the Nisyros caldera floor and Stefanos crater (Photo: Ingrid Smet)
287 Hits
Siremar ferry heading for Stromboli island, Italy (Photo: Janka)
180 Hits
Lava-Dome in Mendig. (Photo: Klaus)
183 Hits
While the eruption plume develops, large bombs fall back onto the cone. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
2808 Hits
Gunung Papandayan (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
740 Hits
Solitary volcanic rock on the lower slopes of Mt. Etna, Italy (Photo: Janka)
400 Hits
Small cone inside Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano's crater (early Dec 2017) (Photo: Gian Schachenmann)
657 Hits
Smoking Stromboli volcano seen from Panarea island, Italy (Photo: Janka)
183 Hits
The  first sunrays touch Merapi (Photo: Ivana Dorn)
434 Hits
Taking photos of strombolian eruptions at Yasur (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
195 Hits
Small eruption of Yasur volcano. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
65 Hits
Lava-Dome in Mendig. (Photo: Klaus)
135 Hits
Group at the rim of Dukono volcano at night. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
421 Hits
31 Dec
A stronger littoral explosion leaves hundreds of cock-tails behind the dark and sometimes still glowing lava bombs. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
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