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Guaranteed tours:
9-22 Feb 2019: Desert, salt and volcanoes - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
2-17 May 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
4-11(12) May 2019: Fascination Volcano - Santorini Island (Greece)
4-12 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
11-19 May 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
7-12 Jun 2019: Adventure Volcano - Yasur Volcano Travel - Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
8-16 Jun 2019: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
14-30 Jun 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
8-23 Jul 2019: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
13-29 Aug 2019: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
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Photo of the Day

Fog, lava glow and twilight mix above the crater. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1206 Hits
Fishing boats and erupting Krakatau volcano (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1103 Hits
Lava lake in Benbow crater (Photo: Yashmin Chebli)
730 Hits
Ancient pillow lavas from the earliest eruptions of Mt Etna volcano near Aci Castello (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
2342 Hits
1 Sep
Kilauea ocean entry explosions! (Photo: KatSpruth)
280 Hits
Spectacular sunrise colors above the Tyrrhenian Sea and Calabria (mainland Italy) in the background. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
949 Hits
Red beach near Akrotiri, Santorini (Greece) - an old cinder cone exposed by erosion (Photo: Tobias Schorr)
417 Hits
Nighttime red glow above a smaller lava lake at the new flow fields on Erta Ale´s SE flank (February 2017) (Photo: Stefan Tommasini)
551 Hits
Observing and photographing Nyiragongo´s lava lake in the early hours of 8 June 2017. (Photo: Ingrid Smet)
435 Hits
ETNA - ashes & emissions @ sunset...ETNA - ceneri ed emissioni al tramonto... (Photo: AlexLoPiccolo)
483 Hits
After about two hours from the Grotta del Gelo, we reach another famous lava cave of Etna, the Grotta dei Lamponi.  (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
1554 Hits
Muddy brown color of the remnant of the lake. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
12507 Hits
Broken trunk of a tree knocked over by the blast. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
5435 Hits
Blocks flying through the air after a medium-small explosion. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
4847 Hits
Observing a new lava flow on Etna volcano. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
4992 Hits
Yellow and green salt deposits at Dallol, Ethiopia (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
3855 Hits
CLose-up of the ash fingers: blocks, often made of ash themselves and disintegrating during flight, create dense black trails of ash. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
3492 Hits
Bay with beach and natural sea cave (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
3769 Hits
Camel caravan on the salt lake Asale in the northern Danakil desert, Ethiopia (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
555 Hits
Erosion gullies in the Ambrym caldera (Vanuatu) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
533 Hits
Ash fall damage in a village near Bromo volcano (Java, Indonesia) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
555 Hits
Ol Doinyo Lengai's north crater before its collapse in 2008 (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
462 Hits
Lava fountain from the Erta Ale lava lake (Ethiopia) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
463 Hits
Lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean at Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
170 Hits
Lava flow and glowing lava dome at Colima volcano (Mexico) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
429 Hits
Glowing rockfalls at Batu Tara volcano (Photo: Andi / VolcanoDiscovery Indonesia)
422 Hits
Dawn on the crater rim of Dukono volcano (Halmahera, Indonesia) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
238 Hits
Littoral explosion at the Kamokuna sea entry in March 2017, Kilauea volcano, Hawaii (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
264 Hits
Another small eruption at dusk of 11 June. The sea below is completely calm. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
818 Hits
Alien landscapes at Dallol (Photo: Stefan Tommasini)
663 Hits
Aerial view of Stromboli island with Strombolicchio in front (June 2017) (Photo: Martin Rietze)
453 Hits
Explosions at the Kilauea ocean entry, with viewing boat in the foreground (Photo: KatSpruth)
1276 Hits
Bright red glow above the large new lava lake that formed in the fissure eruption on Erta Ale´s SE flank (Feb 2017) (Photo: Stefan Tommasini)
1011 Hits
Strombolian eruption from the NE crater of Stromboli volcano (Eolian Islands, Italy) shortly after sunset (8 June 2017) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
356 Hits
1 Oct
View onto the lava lake from Nyiragongo´s summit with the first day light appearing in the sky behind. (Photo: Ingrid Smet)
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