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Bardarbunga вулкан
Стратовулкан approx. 2000 m / ca. 6,560 ft
Central Iceland, 64.63°N / -17.53°W
Текущее состояние: normal or dormant (1 из 5)
Bardarbunga Веб-камеры / данные в реальном времени | Reports
Bardarbunga Вулкан-извержения:
1080(?), 1159(?), ca. 1210, ca. 1270, ca. 1350, ca. 1410(?), 1477 (very large effusive-explosive eruption), 1697, 1702, 1706, 1712, 1716, 1717, 1720, 1726, 1729, 1739, 1750, 1766, 1769, 1797, 1807(?), 1862-64, 1872(?), 1902-03, 1910, 2014-15 (Holuhraun fissure eruption)
Типичный извержения стиль:
Большой эффузивных извержений, некоторые взрывной активности.
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Bárdarbunga volcano news & activity updates

Bardarbunga volcano update: Activity update - subglacial eruption expected

Пт, 5 сен 2014, 22:37
Activity at the main fissure this evening (Mila webcam)
Activity at the main fissure this evening (Mila webcam)
One of the ice cauldrons in Dyngjujökull glacier this afternoon (Icelandic Civil Protection)
One of the ice cauldrons in Dyngjujökull glacier this afternoon (Icelandic Civil Protection)
View of the new eruptive fissure north of the glacier (Icelandic Civil Protection)
View of the new eruptive fissure north of the glacier (Icelandic Civil Protection)
Eruptive activity remains strong at the main fissure. A subglacial eruption is becoming more and more likely.

The new fissures, first observed early this morning, are approx 1-2 km long and there are some indications that some activity could have started beneath the Dyngjujökull glacial ice (perhaps increased gas emissions only at the moment); the observed depression on the glacier have deepened - as a result of melting beneath, likely from new (eruptive?) fissures developing there.
The smell of rotten eggs (H2S gas) has been reported coming from the water of the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, indicating contamination with volcanic gasses.
Civil Protection and IMO warn about toxic gasses released from the eruptive fissures, very dangerous if you are downwind: these include high concentrations of SO2, CO, CO2, fluorine gases and others. A steam plume is rising approx. 5 km above the eruption.
As of tonight, the lava flows have come within 1 km from the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river; once the lava meets the river, explosive interaction of lava and water will generate small to medium-sized explosive activity and produce ash plumes. However, the latter will be small compared to what is now expected to occur in the near future if an eruptive fissure opens under and the eruption breaks through the ice of the Dyngjujökull glacier.
Предыдущие новости
Fri, 5 Sep 2014, 20:26
Updated map of the lava flows and the location of the new eruptive fissures (triangle) (image: IMO)
Iceland's Met Office (IMO) confirmed the 2 new eruptive fissures that opened earlier today south of the previous eruption site in Holuhraun, in a graben, that had formed above the intrusion, about 2km away from Dyngjujökull. ... читать все
Fri, 5 Sep 2014, 10:06
The new fissures south of the previous eruption in Holuhraun. (Picture: Lara Omarsdottir/RUV)
2 new eruptive fissures have opened south of the existing one and feed additional lava flows. They are located approx. 1.5 km south of the fissure from last Sunday and only 2 km north of the glacier rim. ... читать все
Fri, 5 Sep 2014, 08:20
Webcam view of the eruption this morning (Mila webcam)
The eruption continues with little changes. ... читать все
Thu, 4 Sep 2014, 13:47
The intensity of the ongoing eruption in Holuhraun is not declining, the Icleandic Met Office reports in the latest status update: ... читать все
Thu, 4 Sep 2014, 09:46
Earthquakes around Bárdarbunga today so far (IMO)
It is far from clear what is currently happening at the eruption. Tremor (indicator of magma moving) stopped yesterday evening around 21:30 local time and has not reappeared according to the Icelandic Met Office. This could indicate that the eruption is subsiding although webcam imagery suggested it continued with no apparent big change during the night. ... читать все

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