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Location of recent quakes near Nisyros Island, Greece
Thursday, Dec 13, 2012
Землетрясения были более частых недавно на Нисирос вулкан. 2 более землетрясений величины 2.1 и 3.1 произошли сегодня недалеко от острова на глубинах около 10 и 20 км соответственно. [подробнее]
Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012
Сейсмической роиться 2000 микроземлетрясения вблизи острова Нисирос с 24 ноября может означать начало или извержения вулкана близ Нисирос. ... [подробнее]

Nisyros вулкан

Стратовулкан, вулканические купола 680 m
Dodecanese Islands, Greece, 36.58°N / 27.17°E
Текущее состояние: normal or dormant (1 из 5)
Nisyros Веб-камеры / данные в реальном времени | Reports
Nisyros volcano books | Tours
Last update: 26 Mar 2019
Типичный извержения стиль: Гидротермальных взрывов, эффузивных вулкан, вулкан купола
Nisyros Вулкан-извержения: 1881-1887 - hydrothermic explosions of the crater "Micros Polyvotis"
1500 - hydrothermic explosions
1000-2000 B.C. - hydrothermic explosions of the crater "Stefanos"
5000-10.000 B.C. - hydrothermic eruptions of the Kaminakia craters
15.000-10.000 B.C. - building of postcalderic volcano domes
15.000 B.C. - effusive eruption of the central caldera of Nisyros ("Upper pumice")
25.000 B.C. - effusive eruption of the central caldera of Nisyros ("Lower pumice")
40.000-30.000 B.C. - effusive eruption ("Kira-Formation")
150.000 B.C. - first submarin eruptions Stephanos crater of Nisyros volcano
ВремяМагнитный / ГлубинаРасстояниеМестоположение
Sun, 31 May 2020
Sun, 31 May 05:26 UTCM 2.2 / 7 km19 kmKos Adasi (mediterranean Sea) (Greece)
Mon, 25 May 2020
Mon, 25 May 00:11 UTCM 1.9 / 2.5 km16 kmOniki Adalar (mediterranean Sea) (Greece)
Sat, 23 May 2020
Sat, 23 May 17:37 UTCM 1.8 / 8 km21 kmOniki Adalar (mediterranean Sea) (Greece)
Wed, 20 May 2020
Wed, 20 May 22:07 UTCM 2.3 / 5 km26 kmOniki Adalar (mediterranean Sea) (Greece)
Wed, 20 May 22:02 UTCM 1.7 / 16.2 km27 kmOniki Adalar (mediterranean Sea) (Greece)
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The small round island of Nisyros is one of the more active but less known volcanoes in Greece. It is located south of the popular beach holiday island of Kos.
The volcano is part of the Hellenic Arc, a curved line of volcanic centers which are caused by a subduction zone, and stretches from the Saronic Gulf opposite Athens via the island groups of Milos, Santorini, and Nisyros-Yali-Cos to the Bodrum peninsula at the extreme SW of Turkey.
The last eruption of Nisyros were phreatic explosions in 1881-87. They left a moonscape with colorful craters and very active fumaroles.

Справочная информация:

Nisyros is together with the volcanoes of the Cos caldera the east edge of the Aegean Arch with its active volcanoes Methana, Milos, Santorini. The Nisyros volcano is the most active remain of the Cos caldera that exploded aprox. 150.000 years ago. Nisyros, Yali, Strongyli, Pyrgoussa, Pahia and Kefalos (at Cos) are the remains of a zone that is considered to be still active. A Magma chamber below Nisyros is only 3-4 km deep and still rising up. Since 2000 when the Nisyros research program of the GEOWARN-Team started, the temperatures of the fumaroles have been changing from 98 C to 103 C in 2004. There was also a high tectonic (earthquakes) activity in the last years and so a program to prevent volcanic hazards is still ongoing.

Nisyros Фото:

Latest satellite images

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3D-Image of the area of Cos & Nisyros

Threedimensional image of the caldera of Cos with its volcanoes Yali & Nisyros
Threedimensional image of the caldera of Cos with its volcanoes Yali & Nisyros

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