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Stromboli вулкан
ВУЛКАН 926 m
Eolian Islands, Italy, 38.79°N / 15.21°E
Текущее состояние: извергающийся (4 из 5)
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Persistant (near-constant) activity since at least 2-3000 years. Most recent effusive (lava flow) eruptions from Dec. 2002-July 2003, March 2007, Aug-Oct 2014. Paroxysm 3 July 2019
Типичный извержения стиль:
Small explosive (strombolian) eruptions, typically every 20-30 mins. Intermittently, ca. every 2-20 years, minor effusive eruptions (lava flows); on average 2-5 times per year larger explosions.
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Eruption updates & news from Stromboli:

Stromboli volcano (Italy) activity update: very high activity

Ср, 10 июл 2019, 10:14
Strombolian eruption from Stromboli this morning (image: Vulcano a Piedi webcam)
Strombolian eruption from Stromboli this morning (image: Vulcano a Piedi webcam)
Current activity level is very high (image: LBZ)
Current activity level is very high (image: LBZ)
Comparison of two active vent locations; the one seen in the right picture had not been observed before (images: INGV thermal webcam)
Comparison of two active vent locations; the one seen in the right picture had not been observed before (images: INGV thermal webcam)
The volcano's activity has been increasing during the past days and is now categorized as "very high".
After the violent explosion (paroxysm) on 3 July, the volcano immediately returned to its typical intermittent strombolian activity, but it is still unclear how it this event is to be interpreted in context with the current increase.
The new level of activity is based on a relatively strong seismic signal and an elevated frequency and size of strombolian explosions. Most of them seem to occur from the western vent. In addition, a new vent with occasional strombolian activity has appeared at the outer end of the collapsed NW crater area, located above the short-lived effusive vent which had formed and been active before, during and immediately after the 3 July paroxysm, producing a new lava flow on the western Sciara del Fuoco.
What comes next at Stromboli is impossible to say. Based on historic behavior patterns, chances are that it will eventually stabilize and return to (fluctuating) levels of normal activity for an extended period of time. However, the risk of another larger eruption or the effusion of lava flows exist as well.
Needless to say that the summit area is strictly off-limits until further notice.
Предыдущие новости
Sat, 6 Jul 2019, 08:51
Strombolian eruption this morning from Stromboli's western vent (image: Vulcani a piedi webcam)
Activity at the volcano remains intense, but as typical for the volcano: Several vents, most notably the collapsed western and northeastern ones show very frequent moderate to strong strombolian explosions and near-continuous spattering. ... читать все
Fri, 5 Jul 2019, 09:38
Comparison of the crater area of Stromboli before (l) and after (r) the massive explosion of 3 July (images: Vulcano a Piedi webcam)
The volcano is showing its normal activity, with frequent strombolian explosions of mostly moderate size from various vents. читать все
Wed, 3 Jul 2019, 19:20
Strombolian eruption this evening from Stromboli's western vent and the active lava flow (image: Vulcani a piedi webcam)
As night falls, one can see strong glow from the craters and continuing frequent, typical strombolian explosions of medium to large size (but within the levels of activity often observed at the volcano). ... читать все
Wed, 3 Jul 2019, 18:49
The large eruption column from Stromboli's eruption today rising approx. 5 km, and ash plumes from a pyroclastic flow down the Sciara. Image taken from neighboring island of Panarea, courtesy of Marco Ortenzi via twitter (@mortenzi)
Unfortunately, today's eruption has also claimed at least one life. ... читать все

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