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Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Jan 2013: Etna's New SE crater, Iceland earthquake swarm, Sakurajima eruption video

Wednesday Jan 23, 2013 16:00 PM |

Thermal image of the crater area of Stromboli (INGV)
Thermal image of the crater area of Stromboli (INGV)
Webcam image of Stromboli (INGV)
Webcam image of Stromboli (INGV)
Photo of Strombolian activity at the New SE crater of Etna. Image taken at 4:30 (local time) by Boris Behncke
Photo of Strombolian activity at the New SE crater of Etna. Image taken at 4:30 (local time) by Boris Behncke
Map of rencent quakes under Bardabunga volcano
Map of rencent quakes under Bardabunga volcano
Time and depth of rencent quakes under Bardabunga volcano
Time and depth of rencent quakes under Bardabunga volcano
Seismic recording with interspersed earthquakes (GeoNet)
Seismic recording with interspersed earthquakes (GeoNet)
Tremor amplitude and spectrum of White Island during the past 30 days (GeoNet)
Tremor amplitude and spectrum of White Island during the past 30 days (GeoNet)
Seismic recording from Colima volcano evening of 22 Jan (EZV2 station, Univ. Colima)
Seismic recording from Colima volcano evening of 22 Jan (EZV2 station, Univ. Colima)
Current seismic signal of Concepción volcano, CONN station (INETER)
Current seismic signal of Concepción volcano, CONN station (INETER)
Previous seismic signal of Concepción volcano, CONN station (INETER)
Previous seismic signal of Concepción volcano, CONN station (INETER)
Current seismogram from San Cristobal (CRIN station, INETER)
Current seismogram from San Cristobal (CRIN station, INETER)
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): The strength of explosion signals and tremor seem to have increased this morning. A small lava out-spill of lava from the northern breached rim of the NE crater as well as dust trails from numerous blocks rolling down the Sciara can be seen on the webcams.

Etna (Sicily, Italy): After a brief period of activity at the Bocca Nuova crater, strombolian activity shifted to the New SE crater on the night of 22 January. This much stronger activity has continued into 23 January.

Bárdarbunga (Iceland): An earthquake swarm at depths between 2-10 km about 8 km NE of Bardabunga volcano under the Vatnajökull icecap has started.
The swarm appears to contain relatively large quakes, including a magnitude 3.8 quake, which, if magmatic origin, could mean a shallow intrusion, that potentially could lead to an eruption.

Gorely (Southern Kamchatka): Strong and moderate gas-steam activity were observed. Seismic activity is moderate. (KVERT)

Kizimen (Eastern Kamchatka (Russia)): A new lava flow extrudes from the summit on the north-eastern flank of the volcano. Incandescence of the volcano summit, hot avalanches and strong gas-steam activity accompany this process. Seismic activity is at moderate levels. (KVERT)

Tolbachik (Kamchatka, Russia): The explosive-effusive eruption continues with little changes. According to an eyewitness communication on actif-volcans, activity goes on from one of the new cones on the southern fissure, which produces near-continuous strombolian activity, at times merging into more or less sustained lava fountains. The vent continues to aliment fluid lava flows.
KVERT reports that tremor increased again a bit compared to yesterday. A low steam and ash plume rises from the eruption.

Sakurajima (Kyushu): The volcano remains quite active, with an elevated number of explosions. Yesterday (22 Jan), there were at least 5 with ash plumes reaching 6-9000 ft (1.8-2.7 km). This is a lot considering the long-term average of 1-2 per day.
User cubhf137 on youtube posted the following webcam-video of an explosion on 19 Jan:

White Island (New Zealand): Tremor and hydrothermal activity at the surface remain high.
In addition to strong tremor, volcanic earthquakes (red lines on seismogram) can be identified within the strong seismic signal as well. They could indicate magma moving upwards and be a warning sign for an impending eruption.
The following video taken by GNS volcanologist Brad Scott during his recent survey shows the intense activity at the crater lake:
... [read all]

Colima (Western Mexico): Rockfalls and small volcanic quakes possibly accompany small emissions from the volcano. A 4.7 regional quake off the western coast of Mexico (large signal) also appears on last evening's seismogram.

Concepción (Nicaragua): A phase of increased internal activity occurred over night.

San Cristobal (Nicaragua): After a decrease yesterday, seismic activity reflecting internal unrest has increased today again.

Masaya (Nicaragua): Volcanic tremor has generally been near background, but a slight increase is visible today.

San Salvador (El Salvador): Small volcanic quakes and weak tremor are visible at the seismogram, but within normal levels for this active volcano.

San Miguel (El Salvador): Numerous volcanic quakes and bursts of weak tremor continue to be seen frequently on the seismic recording.

Nevado del Huila (Colombia): Activity has remained stable. The volcano is emitting a white plume of steam and gas.
Internal activity remains at weak levels, with a total of 88 events registered by Popayan Observatory during the past week.

Galeras (Colombia): A slight increase in seismic activity was reported by Pasto Observatory. Most seismicity was related to fluid movements within the volcano, some by degassing and light ash venting, which was observed on 16 and 21 January.
Steam plumes rose to a maximum of 1000 m above the crater, and measured SO2 levels were at moderate levels.

Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): Numerous small earthquakes continue and a strong SO2 plume is visible on the latest NOAA satellite image, suggesting a phase of elevated (degassing) activity.

Cumbal (Colombia): INGEOMINAS reported a slight increase in seismicity related to internal fluid movements during the past week. Degassing as the only surface activity was observed on clear days.

Sotará (Colombia): Seismic activity remains barely above background. During the past week, INGEOMINAS reported a total of 13 mostly weak-energy events.

Reventador (Ecuador): From 09:00 (local time) 21 Jan, a strong increase in seismic activity occurred, dominated by low frequency tremor, possibly associated with fluid pressurization and movements of magma inside the conduit of the volcano.
At night, the volcano was clear and incandescent material could be seen in the crater.

Cotopaxi (Ecuador): Another pulse of volcanic earthquakes is in progress under Cotopaxi volcano. Such swarms have been occurring several times recently, but for now, can be considered as part of the normal behavior of an active, but currently dormant volcano.

Tungurahua (Ecuador): The volcano remains calm with only few tiny earthquakes visible. Lahars generated by rain remobilizing loose deposits remain a major hazard inside drainages around the volcano.

Copahue (Chile/Argentina border): Seismic activity increased significantly during 22 Jan, SERNAGEEOMIN reported in two special bulletins. No eruptive activity at the surface has occurred so far, and the official alert level of the volcano remains at "Yellow", but with "Special Attention" (corresponding to "orange" in our classification).
Until 09:56 local time (12:56 GMT) on 22 Jan, seismic activity had remained at low levels, both in occurrence of earthquakes, the energy released and the signal intensity of tremor associated with fluid movements inside the volcano. Then, at that time, there was a significant long-period (LP) earthquake and 3 hours later, shallow lower amplitude events started to occur.
At 13:20 local time, another LP earthquake of relatively strong intensity occurred and was followed by a seismic swarm with mostly long period events that continued for 20 minutes.
... [read all]

Michael (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is): No further hot spots have been noted recently on MODIS data. Status is set back to "green".

Volcano Activity Summary for 23 Jan 2013:

Currently erupting:

Ambrym (Vanuatu): active lava lakes in several craters (updated 11 Jan 2013)
Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia): strombolian explosions, ash plumes up to 500 m, extrusion of a small lava dome with rockfalls (updated 14 Dec 2012)
Erebus (Antarctica): active lava lake in summit crater (updated 21 Jan 2012)
Erta Ale (Ethiopia): active lava lake in northern pit crater, active hornito with intermittend flow in southern crater (updated 11 Jan 2013)
Etna (Sicily, Italy): small strombolian activity in NSEC (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Fuego (Guatemala): effusion of la lava flow, small strombolian explosions (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Gamalama (Halmahera): ash eruptions since 17 Sep (updated 17 Sep 2012)
Kilauea (Hawai'i): lava lakes in Halemau'uma'u and Pu'u 'O'o, lava flows on coastal flat and weakly active ocean entries (updated 15 Jan 2013)
Kizimen (Eastern Kamchatka (Russia)): growing lava dome, lava flow on eastern flank, avalanches (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): strombolian activity in summit crater (updated 11 Jan 2013)
Lokon-Empung (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): almost daily explosions (updated 16 Jan 2013)
Nyiragongo (DRCongo): active lava lake in summit crater (updated 17 Dec 2012)
Ol Doinyo Lengai (Tanzania): spattering and lava flows of natrocarbonatite lava inside the summit crater (updated 9 Dec 2012)
Rabaul (Tavurvur) (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): ash explosions (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Raung (East Java): mild strombolian eruption inside the crater (updated 8 Nov 2012)
Sakurajima (Kyushu): 0-3 weak to moderate vulcanian-style explosions per day, ash clouds up to 2-3 km altitude (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Santa María / Santiaguito (Guatemala): advancing viscous active lava flows, weak occasional explosions (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Semeru (East Java, Indonesia): growing lava dome, ash venting and small to moderate explosions (updated 25 Jul 2012)
Shiveluch (Kamchatka): slow dome growth, occasional explosions and pyroclastic flows (updated 21 Jan 2013)
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): strong strombolian explosions, intermittent small lava overspills (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Tolbachik (Kamchatka, Russia): effusion of fluid lava flows (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu): strong strombolian activity (level 3), crater currently closed (updated 2 Aug 2012)

Eruption warning / minor activity:

Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea): occasional ash explosions (updated 26 Dec 2012)
Bezymianny (Central Kamchatka Depression): slow lava flow extrusion from dome (updated 11 Jan 2013)
Chirpoi (Kurile Islands, Russia): thermal anomaly at summit crater, steaming (updated 9 Jan 2013)
Colima (Western Mexico): rockfalls, intermittent ash emissions (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Copahue (Chile/Argentina border): seismic swarms (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Dukono (Halmahera): thermal anomaly, probably small explosive activity in summit crater (updated 7 Nov 2012)
Galeras (Colombia): degassing, occasional ash venting (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Gorely (Southern Kamchatka): strong steaming (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Heard (Australia, Southern Indian Ocean): thermal anomaly at summit crater (updated 30 Dec 2012)
Ibu (Halmahera, Indonesia): Thermal anomalies indicate continuing eruption, possible lava dome growth (updated 18 Oct 2012)
Karangetang (Siau Island, Sangihe Islands, Indonesia): hot spot visible at the summit (updated 2 Jan 2013)
Karymsky (Kamchatka): occasional small explosions, thermal anomaly (updated 11 Jan 2013)
Kirishima (Kyushu): degassing, slightly increased seismic activity (updated 30 Jul 2012)
Krakatau (Sunda Strait, Indonesia): strong degassing (updated 1 Oct 2012)
Langila (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): occasional ash explosions (updated 25 Sep 2012)
Manam (Papua New Guinea): steaming, ash emissions (updated 17 Jan 2013)
Marapi (Western Sumatra, Indonesia): frequent small ash emissions (updated 11 Dec 2012)
Medvezhia (Kurile Islands, Russia): strong steaming, thermal anomaly (updated 17 Jan 2013)
Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): steaming, low-level seismic unrest (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Nyamuragira (DRCongo): strong degassing from summit crater (updated 27 Apr 2012)
Pagan (Mariana Islands): steaming, thermal anomaly (updated 12 Dec 2012)
Paluweh (off Flores Island, Indonesia): active growing lava dome (updated 21 Jan 2013)
Poas (Costa Rica): Small phreatic explosions on 29 October (updated 30 Oct 2012)
Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): steaming, about 1 weak explosion per hour, crater glow (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Reventador (Ecuador): growing lava dome, occasional explosions, strong tremor (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Rincón de la Vieja (Costa Rica): small phreatic eruption on 11 April (updated 6 Oct 2012)
Sangay (Ecuador): no recent explosions reported (updated 7 Aug 2012)
Soputan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): new eruption on 18 (updated 9 Nov 2012)
Soufriere Hills (Montserrat, West Indies (UK)): occassional small pyroclastic flows by rock falls (updated 27 Sep 2012)
Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): steaming, occasional weak eruptions, elevated seismicity (updated 3 Oct 2012)
Tinakula (Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands): steaming, possibly ash eruptions (updated 13 Nov 2012)
Turrialba (Costa Rica): vigorous steaming, occasional phreatic explosions (updated 18 Dec 2012)
Ulawun (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): ash emissions and rumblings heard (updated 2 Jan 2013)
Villarrica (Central Chile): weak deep-seated explosive activity, steaming (updated 20 Jan 2013)
White Island (New Zealand): vigorous degassing, strong hydrothermal activity (updated 23 Jan 2013)

Restless / uncertain activity:

Aoba (Vanuatu): steaming, degassing (updated 26 Dec 2012)
Arenal (Costa Rica): continua la fase de reposo, emisión de gases (updated 30 Dec 2012)
Askja (Central Iceland): increased seismicity (updated 14 Dec 2012)
Bárdarbunga (Iceland): earthquake swarm (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Brennisteinsfjöll (Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland): earthquake swarms (updated 7 Oct 2012)
Bromo (East Java, Indonesia): seismic unrest, steaming (updated 3 Oct 2012)
Campi Flegrei (Phlegrean Fields) (Italy): sciame sismico (updated 7 Jan 2013)
Chaitén (Southern Chile and Argentina)
Changbaishan (China / North Korea border): increased seismic and degassing activity, deformation (updated 29 Sep 2012)
Cleveland (Aleutian Islands, Alaska): Alert Level for Cleveland lowered to Yellow (updated 22 Nov 2012)
Concepción (Nicaragua): seismic unrest (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Cumbal (Colombia): continuing seismic swarms (updated 23 Jan 2013)
El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain): earthquake swarm since 31 Dec 2012 (updated 2 Jan 2013)
El Misti (Peru): earthquake swarms (updated 29 Aug 2012)
Gamkonora (Halmahera): alert level lowered to yellow (updated 14 Sep 2012)
Gaua (Vanuatu )
Havre Seamount (Kermandec Islands): pumice rafts drifting across ocean, no new pumice observed (updated 26 Oct 2012)
Hekla (Iceland): Small but very shallow 1.2 magnitude earthquake at 21:13 UTC on 15 Feb 2012 (updated 14 Sep 2012)
Ijen (East Java, Indonesia): increased steaming and seismicity, alert level raised on 24 July (updated 17 Apr 2012)
Irazu (Costa Rica)
Iwo-jima (Volcano Islands): weak degassing, occasional volcanic tremors (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Karkar (Northeast of New Guinea): possible ash eruption on 1 February (updated 5 Feb 2012)
Katla (Southern Iceland): occasional seismic swarms (updated 17 Aug 2012)
Kerinci (Sumatra)
Krísuvík (Southwestern Iceland): earthquake swarms (updated 2 Sep 2012)
Kuchinoerabu-jima (Ryukyu Islands)
Kverkfjöll (Eastern Iceland): occasional small earthquake swarms (updated 21 Oct 2012)
Lamington (New Guinea): uncertain reports about ash emissions on 25 March (updated 19 Apr 2012)
Lewotobi (Flores): steaming and seismic activity decreased, alert lowered back to 1 (out of 4) (updated 5 Apr 2012)
Loihi (United States, Hawaiian Islands): Magnitude 4.2 earthquake at Loihi (updated 26 Nov 2012)
Machin (Colombia): elevated seismic activity (updated 21 Jan 2013)
Masaya (Nicaragua): elevated seismic activity (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Mauna Loa (Big Island, Hawai'i)
Mayon (Luzon Island): steaming, increased earthquakes, slight inflation (updated 11 Nov 2012)
Merapi (Central Java): Dome collapse sometime in October (updated 21 Oct 2012)
Monowai (Kermandec Islands, New Zealand): eruption reported 11 Aug (pumice raft) most likely from nearby Havre Seamount (updated 13 Aug 2012)
Mt Fuji (Honshu): earthquakes at the end of January and in February 2012, new craters reported, increasing fumarolic activity (updated 9 Sep 2012)
Nabro (Eritrea): thermal anomaly at summit suggesting weak activity continuing in the summit caldera (updated 30 Jan 2012)
Nevado del Huila (Colombia): degassing (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Pacaya (Guatemala): seismic unrest (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Papandayan (West Java): alert status back to 2 (updated 1 Feb 2012)
Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion)
Reclus (Southern Chile and Argentina): increased number of earthquakes (updated 31 Aug 2012)
Rinjani (Lombok)
Ruapehu (North Island): seismic unrest (updated 21 Jan 2013)
San Cristobal (Nicaragua): seismic unrest (updated 23 Jan 2013)
San Miguel (El Salvador): seismic unrest (updated 23 Jan 2013)
San Pedro-Pellado (Central Chile and Argentina): seismic swarm (updated 8 Jun 2012)
Sangeang Api (Indonesia): occasional weak steaming (updated 3 Jan 2013)
Sinabung (Sumatra)
Siple (Marie Byrd Land, Western Antarctica): possible steaming detected on 20 June (updated 28 Jun 2012)
Sirung (Pantar Island, Indonesia ): steaming and elevated seismicity (updated 27 May 2012)
Slamet (Central Java): degassing, strong fumaroles (updated 9 Aug 2012)
Sotará (Colombia): Actividad volcán Sotará del 3 al 9 de octubre de 2012 (updated 23 Jan 2013)
Taal (Luzon, Philippines): degassing, elevated seismic activity (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Talang (Sumatra)
Telica (Nicaragua): seismic unrest (updated 15 Nov 2012)
Tiatia (Kunashir Island): weak thermal anomaly (updated 6 Sep 2012)
Tjörnes Fracture Zone (North of Iceland): continuing earthquake swarm (updated 11 Dec 2012)
Tondano (North Sulawesi & Sangihe Islands)
Tongariro (North Island, New Zealand): strong steaming from Te Maari craters, slightly elevated seismic activity (updated 22 Jan 2013)
Tungurahua (Ecuador): occasional ash explosions (updated 23 Jan 2013)
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Webcam image of Stromboli (INGV)
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): Activity has remained relatively calm, with weaker explosions (compared to last week) and no new lava overflows. ... [more]
Monday, Jan 21, 2013
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): Activity (both tremor and strength of explosions) seems to have decreased a bit for the moment. No new lava overflows were seen. During Saturday, we noticed that the vibrations caused by the strong explosions of the NE cone felt had become longer-lasting. ... [more]
Friday, Jan 18, 2013
Etna (Italy): Another brief, but probably strong eruptive phase - a small paroxysm - occurred on the evening of 16 Jan at Bocca Nuova. ... [more]
Friday, Jan 18, 2013
With Kamchatka currently being one of the most volcanically active places on the planet, here is a summary of the current volcanic activity in the past week in the region by the Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team. ... [more]

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