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Volcanic activity worldwide 3 Oct 2013: Merapi, White Island, Santa María / Santiaguito, Pacaya, Fu...

Thursday Oct 03, 2013 17:18 PM |

Map of recent quakes at El Hierro
Map of recent quakes at El Hierro
SO2 plume from Bagana volcano (NOAA)
SO2 plume from Bagana volcano (NOAA)
The crater of Merapi volcano (photo: Øystein)
The crater of Merapi volcano (photo: Øystein)
Steaming from White Island's crater
Steaming from White Island's crater
Crater glow from Popocatépel this morning
Crater glow from Popocatépel this morning
Number of daily explosions from Pacaya as recorded by INSIVUMEH
MODIS hot spot data (past 7 days) for Heard Island volcano (ModVolc, Univ. Hawaii)
MODIS hot spot data (past 7 days) for Heard Island volcano (ModVolc, Univ. Hawaii)
El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain): A small earthquake swarm under the center of the island, at about 12 km depth, occurred on 30 Sep.

Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): The volcano is in a particularly active phase. During the past 2 days, about 20 vulcanian explosions occurred, many of which produced ash plumes reaching 10-13,000 ft (3-4 km) altitude.

Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea): Elevated SO2 emissions suggest that current activity is strong at the volcano.

Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): No more eruptions have occurred and the evacuated people (several 1000) were allowed to return to their homes.

Krakatau (Sunda Strait, Indonesia): Activity has been low during the past months, and it seems no eruptions have taken place since 28 or 29 March this year. Activity currently consists of weak steaming / degassing.

Merapi (Central Java): Activity has been low during the past months. In the crater, a small but considerable area was covered by incandescent material caused by escaping hot gas, that made a "hissing" sound very notable to the ear, our friend Øystein Lund Andersen reports who climbed the volcano on 29 Sep.
"The area mentioned is the source of the small eruption that happened a few months back, according to a local volcano-guide." This (explosive) activity had left a small crater, maybe 20-30m deep, surrounded by blocks that had been ejected.
"Another area also emitted a glow, from the western part of the crater, as it did during my visit in May 2012".

Dukono (Halmahera): An ash plume (from an explosion) was observed this morning on satellite data, rising to about 7,000 ft (2.1 km) altitude and drifting 30 nautical miles to the NW.

White Island (New Zealand): Seismic activity has been steadily rising over the past week. This could (but not necessarily will) be a precursor for another episode of phreatic or hydrothermal explosions.

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): Activity has remained low with only weak emissions at averages of 1 every 1-2 hours. Occasionally, some ash explosions still occur, with plumes up to about 1 km height. Crater glow can still be seen at night and SO2 emission is strong, two indicators that magma continues to arrive at the summit (although at reduced rate).

Santa María / Santiaguito (Guatemala): Activity has been essentially unchanged over the past week. Two moderate explosions were observed yesterday at 20:09 h and this morning at 05:12 (local times), with ash plumes rising almost 1 km and drifting SW. Ash falls were reported in the region of San Marcos Palajunoj.

Pacaya (Guatemala): Strombolian activity from the Mackenney crater has been gradually increasing over the past weeks, the latest report of INSIVUMEH shows. Activity is taking place from 3 vents and explosions occur at rates of one every 1-3 minutes with ejections reaching about 100 meters.
The activity continues to build a new cone inside the crater which is visible from Cerro Chino.
There are reports of ground vibrations produced by the volcano felt in the villages Calderas, San Francisco de Sales, and San Vicente Pacaya. INSIVUMEH has increased seismic monitoring using portable seismometers.

Fuego (Guatemala): Activity has been weak recently. The lava flows on the upper southern flank is still active, and was about 100 m long this morning, headed towards the Trinidad canyon. Explosions have been few and only produced ash plumes rising a few 100 meters.

Heard (Australia, Southern Indian Ocean): Another hot spot is visible on current satellite data, suggesting some sort of activity occurring at Dawson's Peak crater (perhaps a small lava lake or strombolian activity).
Previous news
MODIS / Terra satellite image 1 Oct showing the steam plume from the eruption
Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013
Lewotobi (Flores): Following an increase in seismic activity recorded since 28 September, VSI raised the alert level to 2 ("Waspada","watch") on a scale of 1-4. No changes in surface activity, degassing from fumarole vents, has been noted. ... [more]
Location of recent quakes at the TFZ
Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013
Tjörnes Fracture Zone (North of Iceland): An intense earthquake swarm has been going on offshore North Iceland, 10 km NW of Gjögurtá, since 25 September. This morning, 2 earthquakes reaching magnitude 3 and 3.2 occurred at 06:14 and 07:41. In total, more than 1000 quakes have been recorded by IMO. ... [more]
Small ash plume from Klyuchevskoy volcano this morning
Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013
Monte Albano (Italy): A second (and much more violent) geyser-like fumarole or mudvolcano recently appeared off shore near Fumiciono, approx. 100 meters out from the beach in the area where the new port of Rome is being built. It is an underwater vent that produces fountains of upwelling sediment-rich water driven by strong degassing from the sea floor: ... [more]
Current tremor signal (ESLN station, INGV Catania)
Sunday, Sep 29, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): Activity at the New SE crater has eased for now. Some occasional small strombolian explosions were last noted about 2 days ago. Tremor amplitude has decreased slightly as well. ... [more]
Explosion yesterday evening (25 Sep) from Etna's New SE crater (photo: Marco Restivo /
Thursday, Sep 26, 2013
Etna (Sicily, Italy): Strombolian activity continues at the New SE crater. Whether (and when) this might lead to another paroxysm is unclear. The volcanic tremor signal is still relatively low. ... [more]

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