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Volcanic activity worldwide 31 Mar 2016: Stromboli volcano, Colima, Popocatépetl, Soputan, Shiveluc...

Thursday Mar 31, 2016 17:07 PM |

Ash plume from a small eruption at Stromboli yesterday (INGV Catania webcam)
Ash plume from a small eruption at Stromboli yesterday (INGV Catania webcam)
Ash emissions from Etna's NE crater this morning
Ash emissions from Etna's NE crater this morning
Ash plume from Shiveluch volcano last evening
Ash plume from Shiveluch volcano last evening
Ash plume from Chikurachki volcano on 30 Mar 2016 (Terra satellite / NASA)
Ash plume from Chikurachki volcano on 30 Mar 2016 (Terra satellite / NASA)
Gas plume and thermal hot spot from Alaid volcano yesterday (NASA satellite image)
Gas plume and thermal hot spot from Alaid volcano yesterday (NASA satellite image)
Seismic activity at Soputan during the past months (VSI)
Seismic activity at Soputan during the past months (VSI)
Summary of Makian's seismic activity since Jan 2014 (VSI)
Summary of Makian's seismic activity since Jan 2014 (VSI)
Ash plume from Kerinci volcano yesterday (image: The Lonely Ranger @edelweisbasah / twitter)
Ash plume from Kerinci volcano yesterday (image: The Lonely Ranger @edelweisbasah / twitter)
Weak explosion at Colima this morning
Weak explosion at Colima this morning
Strong explosion at Popocatépetl Tuesday afternoon
Strong explosion at Popocatépetl Tuesday afternoon
Ash column from Nevado del Ruiz volcano this morning
Ash column from Nevado del Ruiz volcano this morning
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): The activity at the summit craters has been (comparably very) low recently. However, small strombolian explosions continue to occur at irregular rates of 30-60 minutes intervals, mainly from western vent.

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Intermittent weak to moderate ash emissions (presumably from older pulverized rock) have been occurring from the North-East crater, where also weak incandescence can be seen at night.
Apart from this and an incandescent fumarole on the New SE crater, no other significant activity is currently occurring at the volcano. Tremor levels have been low.

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): The extrusive-explosive activity of the volcano continues at moderate rate. Glowing avalanches from the active lava dome and strong degassing indicate ongoing magma supply. Occasionally, explosions and larger avalanches that turn into pyroclastic flows occur as well and generate ash plumes that rise several 1000 meters.
Last evening, Tokyo VAAC reported an eruption that sent an ash plume to 20,000 ft (6 km) altitude. Whether it was caused by an explosion or avalanche is unknown - only the top of the plume was visible on webcam imagery.

Chikurachki (Paramushir Island): A new eruption is occurring from the remote volcano on Paramushir Island immediately to the south of the Kamchatka peninsula.
Since 29 March, ash emissions have been seen on satellite images. The ash plume increased yesterday, reaching altitudes of 3-4 km (9-12,000 ft) and extending up to 150-200 km into south- and southwesterly directions.
KVERT raised the Aviation Color code to orange (as many trans-Pacific flight routes pass nearby) and warns that "ash explosions up to 32,800 ft (10 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft."

Alaid (Northern Kuriles): Eruptive activity of some sort continues at the volcano. This is evidenced by a strong thermal signal detected and a gas plume extending south of the small island, both detected on satellite imagery.
Contrary to nearby Chikourachki (that started to erupt 29 March), Alaid seems not to have produced any ash recently; no such darker-colored fresh deposits can be seen on the snow-covered flanks or in the plume. This suggests that the activity, at the moment, is non-explosive and confined to the summit crater, perhaps in the form of a small active lava lake.

Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): The volcano continues to produce explosions and occasional small to moderate pyroclastic flows.
Early on Tuesday morning, around 05:40 local time, a collapse of parts of the sticky lava lobe on the SE flank generated a pyroclastic flow that reached approx. 3 km length.

Soputan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): In its latest report, VSI describes continuing elevated seismic activity, including shallow volcanic earthquakes and avalanches that indicate slow magma extrusion from the main vent.
Visible activity during the past weeks otherwise consisted in moderate degassing generating a plume of 20-100 m height. The volcano's alert level is maintained at "siaga" ("alert"), or 3 on the Indonesian scale of 1-4 and recommends an exclusion zone of 4 km radius around the summit of Mt. Soputan.

Makian (Halmahera): Seismic unrest continues at the volcano with a weak tendency of increase in shallow volcanic earthquakes during the past weeks, possibly related to the ascent of a new magmatic body.
No surface changes or other alarming signs have been observed at the volcano. While an eruption is not considered likely to be imminent, VSI maintains the alert level 2 (on a scale of 1-4) and advises locals and visitors not to climb Makian's Kie Besi volcano and stay away from the summit within a radius of 1.5 km distance.

Kerinci (Sumatra): A small eruption occurred at the volcano yesterday morning around 07:00 local time. An ash plume rising a few 100 m from the summit crater was observed.
The nature of the eruption (likely a phreatic explosion) is unknown. As safety precaution, access to the volcano's summit, Indonesia's highest volcanic peak and a popular climbing destination, was closed.

Pavlof (Alaska Peninsula, USA): The eruption of the volcano has "greatly diminished in intensity over the past day", AVO reported:
"Cloudy conditions have obscured views of the volcano in satellite and web camera images, but elevated surface temperatures at the summit and intermittent, low-level ash emissions have been observed during brief breaks in the weather.
... [read more]

Colima (Western Mexico): The activity of the volcano has decreased overall. Explosions have been mostly weak and relatively rare (a few per day) and the previously continuously visible glow at the summit crater, indicative of the small new lava dome, has recently been visible only during increased degassing or explosion events.
This in turn suggests that the growth of the dome has been very low or even stopped for now.

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): No significant changes in activity have occurred at the volcano recently despite a series of stronger explosions during the past days. One explosion on Tuesday afternoon generated an ash plume that rose up to 3.5 km, and another one during the following night was seen ejecting abundant incandescent material outside the summit crater.
During 29-30 March, CENAPRED recorded an increase of degassing events ("exhalations") and 4 explosions (an average value), as well as two small shallow volcanic earthquakes and 30 minutes of harmonic tremor. Following the larger explosion in the afternoon of 29 Mar, the International Airport of Puebla was temporarily closed.
Bright glow from the summit crater indicates that magma slowly continues to arrive there, filling the inner crater, a process that is regularly interrupted by the explosions (that usually destroy parts of the accumulated, cake-like lava dome again).

Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): A moderately strong explosion occurred at the volcano this morning at 08:04 local time, producing an ash column that rose 3,500 m to 30,000 ft (9 km) altitude and drifted NW.
A strong pulse in tremor accompanied the eruption which likely caused ash fall in nearby areas.
The Manizales volcano observatory reported that over the past days, a number of similar, but weaker tremor pulses were recorded at the volcano recently; when the summit of the volcano was not in clouds, it could be observed that at least some of them were also signs of small to moderate ash emissions.

Nevados de Chillán (Central Chile): Intermittent ash emissions re-appeared at the volcano during the past days.
The emissions originated from several vents, involving both the Arrau crater and the new summit pits that had formed in early and late January this year.
Previous news
Eruption of Canlaon volcano yesterday evening (image: Canlaon Mountain Tigers SearchandRescue / facebook)
Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016
Canlaon (Central Philippines): Two small explosions occurred at the volcano yesterday evening, at around 18:20 and 19:18 local time. An ash plume rose to approx. 1500 m above the summit and some freshly ejected incandescent bombs could be seen at the crater rim. ... [more]
Spectacular explosion from Sakurajima's Minamidake crater on 26 March (image: Naoto Yoshidome / twitter)
Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016
Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): Over the past days, vulcanian-type explosions have again picked up in number and size, after only very few events during the first 3 weeks of March. Ash plumes rose to up to 10-12,000 ft (3-3.6 km) altitude. ... [more]
Eruption at Suwanose-jima this morning
Saturday, Mar 26, 2016
Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): The strombolian activity continues at the Otake crater continues. In the past days, it has been more intense, generating bright glow visible from neighboring islands and ash plumes that rose up to approx. 1 km. ... [more]
Thermal radiation from Alaid volcano (MODIS / Mirova)
Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016
Alaid (Northern Kuriles): The new eruptive phase that started in late February continues. An intense thermal anomaly has been detected from the volcano's summit area on satellite imagery and weak ash emissions extending approx. 60 km NW from the island were observed yesterday and this morning (Tokyo VAAC). ... [more]
View into Dukono's crater on 12 March (image: Patrick Marcel / facebook)
Monday, Mar 21, 2016
Dukono (Halmahera): The activity at the volcano remains intense. Our friend Patrick Marcel who visited the volcano last week reported that the vents at the bottom of the crater emitted a sustained, extremely noisy jet of gas, steam and ash, and ejected incandescent bombs to up to 500 m height. Some of them landed outside the crater rim. ... [more]

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