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Volcanic activity worldwide 25 Jul 2016: Fuego volcano, Kliuchevskoi, Popocatépetl, Turrialba, Maun...

Mon, 25 Jul 2016, 16:56
16:56 PM |
Map of today's active volcanoes
Map of today's active volcanoes
Klyuchevskoi volcano this afternoon (l, morning in Kamchatka) and yesterday with ash emissions
Klyuchevskoi volcano this afternoon (l, morning in Kamchatka) and yesterday with ash emissions
This evening's explosion at Sakurajima volcano
This evening's explosion at Sakurajima volcano
Ash plume from Suwanose-jima yesterday
Ash plume from Suwanose-jima yesterday
Eruption of Sinabung yesterday (image: PVMBG)
Eruption of Sinabung yesterday (image: PVMBG)
Weekly earthquake rate of Mauna Loa during the past year (HVO)
Weekly earthquake rate of Mauna Loa during the past year (HVO)
Pahoehoe lava flow from Kilauea's 61G lava flow in the coastal flat on Friday (image: HVO/USGS)
Pahoehoe lava flow from Kilauea's 61G lava flow in the coastal flat on Friday (image: HVO/USGS)
Small ash emission from Popo this morning (CENAPRED webcam)
Small ash emission from Popo this morning (CENAPRED webcam)
Fuego's lava flow this morning (INSIVUMEH webcam from east side)
Fuego's lava flow this morning (INSIVUMEH webcam from east side)
Eruption of Turrialba this morning (image: RSN)
Eruption of Turrialba this morning (image: RSN)
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): The volcano continues to erupt a lava flow that descends on the eastern flank. It also sometimes (such as during much of yesterday) has phases of near-continuous explosions at the summit craters, generating ash plumes that rise up to approx. 1 km from the summit. Today, no significant ash emissions were observed.

Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): After more than 3 weeks with no recorded eruption, a strong vulcanian-type explosion occurred this evening at 00:02 past midnight (15:02 UTC).
The initial estimate of the ash plume was corrected from 10,000 to 20,000 ft (6 km) altitude, making the event one of the larger ones among Sakurajima's long list of vulcanian explosions throughout the past years. Whether or not the volcano will return to a more regular style of explosive activity remains to be seen.

Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): Judging from recent webcam imagery, activity has decreased again at the volcano although the On-take crater continues to produce a significant steam plume and occasional ash emissions, but much less vigorous than earlier this month. Only week glow if any can be seen at night.

Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): Explosive activity continues. The most recent eruption was reported by PVMBG and VAAC Darwin yesterday at 10:28 local time. It generated an ash column that rose approx. 1500 m above the volcano's summit.

Mauna Loa (Big Island, Hawai'i): The volcano is not erupting, but continues to show unrest. Deformation and seismic activity remain above long-term background levels.
According to HVO's latest update, earthquakes at Mauna Loa during the past week "occurred beneath the west and north flanks of the volcano mostly in the 5 – 11 km (3 – 7 miles) depth range. In addition, earthquakes are occurring in south caldera and upper Southwest Rift Zone at depths less than 5 km (3 mi).
... [read more]

Kilauea (Hawai'i): The 61G lava flow southeast of Pu'u 'Ō'ō remains active in the coastal plain and its most advanced front was 730 m (0.45 miles) from the ocean yesterday morning (local time on Hawaii).
At the summit, the level of the Halema'uma'u lava lake has risen a bit and was 21.5 m (70 ft) below the crater rim. Parts of it have again come sometimes into view from the volcano observatory's public viewing terrace.

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): The activity at the volcano has remained essentially unchanged and been rather low during the past week. On average, CENAPRED recorded 100-200 low-energy emissions ("exhalations") and few, generally weak explosions with ash emissions, accompanied by intermittent phases of weak tremor.
Glow at the volcano's summit at night indicates the continued slow growth of a lava dome inside the inner crater.

Fuego (Guatemala): A small lava flow is descending on the upper SE flank into the Santa Teresa drainage, generating near-constant small glowing avalanches.
Explosive strombolian activity is relatively week at the moment; the volcano observatory counted 20 explosions for the past 24 hours, generating ash plums that rose up to approx. 500 m and drifted 10-12 km S and SW before dissipating. Many of them were accompanied by shock waves and jet-engine like degassing sounds that lasted up to 2 minutes. Incandescent bombs were seen to reach to 150-200 m height above the crater.

Turrialba (Costa Rica): A series of eruptions has been occurring from the volcano's active western crater during the night and this morning and is likely still going on.
Costa Rican volcanologist describe the explosions which each lasted a few minutes as phreatic, i.e. driven by overheated water from the hydrothermal system suddenly flashing into steam. The first explosions occurred at 21:22 and 22:16 local time last night and were followed by similar ones at 07:22 and 08:25 this morning.
The eruptions were similar to many others in the ongoing phase of intermittent explosions at the volcano during the past months; they ejected ballistic blocks of high temperature to the crater rim and generated ash plumes that rose several hundreds of meters before drifting SW where ash fall occurred in nearby areas.

Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): The Manizales volcano observatory reported a small ash emission yesterday afternoon, but cloud cover prevented detailed observations.

Volcano Activity Summary for 25 Jul 2016:

Currently erupting:

Ambrym (Vanuatu): active lava lakes in several craters (updated 12 Jul 2016)
Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea): intermittent mild ash emissions (updated 21 Jul 2016)
Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia): strombolian explosions, ash plumes up to 500 m, extrusion of a small lava dome with rockfalls (updated 28 Nov 2015)
Bristol Island (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is): new eruption since late April 2016 (updated 21 Jul 2016)
Bromo (East Java, Indonesia): intermittent mild ash emissions (updated 16 Jul 2016)
Colima (Western Mexico): intermittent mild to moderate explosions (updated 1 Jun 2016)
Copahue (Chile/Argentina): strombolian activity from new intra-crater cone (updated 4 Jul 2016)
Dukono (Halmahera): mild strombolian activity, continuous intense ash emissions (updated 12 Jul 2016)
Erebus (Antarctica): active lava lake in summit crater (updated 8 Dec 2014)
Erta Ale (Danakil depression, Ethiopia): overflowing lava lake (updated 2 Mar 2016)
Fuego (Guatemala): lava flows on S and W flanks, lava fountaining from summit vent (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Ibu (Halmahera, Indonesia): stromolian and phreatomagmatic explosions (updated 29 Oct 2015)
Kerinci (Sumatra): intermittent ash explosions (updated 5 Jun 2016)
Kilauea (Hawai'i): new surface lava flows from breakouts N and NE of Puu Oo since 24 May 2016 (updated 28 Apr 2015)
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): strombolian explosions in summit crater, active lava flows on SE flank (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Langila (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): ash emissions (updated 13 May 2016)
Masaya (Nicaragua): active lava lake ini summit crater (updated 12 Jul 2016)
Nyiragongo (DRCongo): new vent on crater floor (updated 1 Jun 2016)
Ol Doinyo Lengai (Tanzania): effusion of natrocarbonatite lava inside the crater (updated 8 Jul 2013)
Pacaya (Guatemala): strombolian explosions (updated 16 Jun 2016)
Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): degassing, sporadic explosions, slowly growing lava dome (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Reventador (Ecuador): lava flow on SW flank (updated 24 Feb 2016)
Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): sporadic vulcanian explosions from Minamidake and Showa crater (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Sangay (Ecuador): mild strombolian activity in summit crater (updated 20 May 2016)
Santiaguito (Guatemala): intermittent strong explosions from growing Caliente dome (updated 16 Jul 2016)
Semeru (East Java, Indonesia): lava flow, small strombolian explosions (updated 13 Jun 2016)
Shiveluch (Kamchatka): growing lava dome (updated 13 Jul 2016)
Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): continuing pyroclastic flows (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): weak, intermittent strombolian explosions (updated 23 May 2016)
Turrialba (Costa Rica): near-continuous ash emissions (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Villarrica (Central Chile): lava lake in summit crater, spattering, strombolian explosions (updated 4 Apr 2016)
Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu): ash emissions, weak strombolian explosions (updated 13 Nov 2015)

Eruption warning / minor activity:

Alaid (Northern Kuriles): strombolian activity and lava flows in summit crater (updated 21 Jul 2016)
Aso (central Kyushu, Japan): degassing, sporadic steam / ash explosions (updated 8 Mar 2016)
Awu (North Sulawesi & Sangihe Islands): seismic unrest, eruption warning (updated 13 May 2016)
Barren Island (Indian Ocean): weak thermal hot spot (updated 3 Mar 2016)
Bulusan (Luzon Island, Philippines): occasional explosions (updated 10 Jun 2016)
Canlaon (Central Philippines): occasional sporadic explosions (updated 18 Jun 2016)
Cerro Negro (Nicaragua): increased earthquake activity (updated 16 Feb 2016)
Etna (Sicily, Italy): occasional ash puffs from New SE crater, increased degassing (updated 19 Apr 2014)
Heard (Australia, Southern Indian Ocean): strombolian activity, lava flow from Mawson Peak summit crater (updated 1 Feb 2016)
Karangetang (Siau Island, Sangihe Islands, Indonesia): rockfalls, glowing lava dome (updated 13 Jan 2016)
Karymsky (Kamchatka): weak activity (rare explosions?) (updated 16 Jun 2016)
Lokon-Empung (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): seismic unrest, eruption warning (updated 9 Mar 2016)
Manam (Papua New Guinea): occasional ash emissions, thermal anomaly at crater (updated 13 Jul 2016)
Merapi (Central Java, Indonesia): sporadic phreatic explosions (updated 21 Aug 2015)
Michael (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is): possible intermittent ash emissions (updated 3 Jun 2016)
Momotombo (Nicaragua): intermittent vulcanian explosions (updated 29 Mar 2016)
Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): intermittent mild to moderate ash emissions (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Nevados de Chillán (Central Chile): weak occasional ash eruptions (updated 21 Jul 2016)
Niigata-Yake-yama (Honshu): sporadic explosions, seismic unrest (updated 8 May 2016)
Nyamuragira (DRCongo): small active lava lake in summit caldera (as of end of April 2016) (updated 12 Jun 2016)
Pavlof (Alaska Peninsula, USA): currently calm (updated 21 Jul 2016)
Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion): seismic unrest, inflation (updated 16 Jul 2016)
Poas (Costa Rica): sporadic phreatic explosions (updated 10 Jul 2016)
Rincón de la Vieja (Costa Rica): sproadic hydrothermal explosions (updated 3 May 2016)
Sabancaya (Peru): steaming, elevated seismic activity (updated 12 Jul 2016)
San Miguel (El Salvador): seismic unrest, inflation, strong degassing (updated 19 Jun 2016)
Sangeang Api (Indonesia): weak lava extrusion from summit crater (updated 11 Nov 2015)
Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): steaming, occasional ash emissions from On-take crater (updated 25 Jul 2016)
Telica (Nicaragua): lava glow from crater, degassing, occasional light ash emissions (updated 9 May 2016)
Tungurahua (Ecuador): inflation, eruption warning (updated 5 Jun 2016)
Ubinas (Peru): sporadic vulcanian explosions (updated 16 Jan 2016)
Zavodovski (South Sandwich Islands (UK)): strong steaming, degassing (updated 18 Jun 2016)

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Map of today's active volcanoes
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Map of today's active volcanoes
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