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Map of earthquakes at Bardabunga volcano (26 Jan)
Saturday, Jan 26, 2013
Earthquakes at shallow depths (around 5 km) continue at reduced rate. [more]
Map of rencent quakes under Bardabunga volcano
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013
An earthquake swarm at depths between 2-10 km about 8 km NE of Bardabunga volcano under the Vatnajökull icecap has started. ... [more]

Bárdarbunga volcano

Stratovolcano ca. 2000 m (ca. 6,560 ft)
Iceland, 64.63°N / -17.53°W
Current status: restless (2 out of 5)
Bárdarbunga webcams / live data
Last update: 5 Jul 2013
Typical eruption style: Large effusive eruptions, some explosive activity.
Bárdarbunga volcano eruptions: 1080(?), 1159(?), ca. 1210, ca. 1270, ca. 1350, ca. 1410(?), 1477 (very large effusive-explosive eruption), 1697, 1702, 1706, 1712, 1716, 1717, 1720, 1726, 1729, 1739, 1750, 1766, 1769, 1797, 1807(?), 1862-64, 1872(?), 1902-03
Last earthquakes nearby:
TimeMag. / DepthDistanceLocation
Wed, 30 Jul
Wed, 30 Jul 12:16 UTCM 0.9 / 3.3 km12 km11.8 km ENE of Bárðarbunga
Wed, 30 Jul 10:58 UTCM 0.9 / 0.5 km27 km15.9 km ESE of Laugafell
Wed, 30 Jul 10:29 UTCM 0.7 / 1.1 km26 km17.9 km ESE of Laugafell
Wed, 30 Jul 10:29 UTCM 1.5 / 0.3 km27 km16.7 km ESE of Laugafell
Tue, 29 Jul
Tue, 29 Jul 21:25 UTCM 1.1 / 1.1 km9 km8.6 km E of Bárðarbunga
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Bárdarbunga, a large central volcano, had its last major eruption in 1477 when it produced a large ash and pumice fall-out deposit. It also produced the largest known lava flow during the past 10,000 years on earth (more than 21 cubic kilometers of volume).


The volcano is hidden beneath the northwestern part of the Vatnajökull glacier, and contains a 700-m-deep caldera that is hidden beneath ice and has extensive flank fissures, from where eruptions have taken place: the Veidivötn fissure extends for over 100 km to the SW, almost reaching Torfajökull volcano, while the Trollagigar fissure extends 50 km to the NE touching Askja volcano.

A major risk from Bárdarbunga are jökulhlaups (glacier-outburst floods), that can be hazardous for areas in all directions around Bárdarbunga.

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