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Satellite image of Fuego volcano by (c) Google Earth View
Satellite image of Fuego volcano by (c) Google Earth View

Fuego volcano news & eruption update

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014
No significant changes in activity have occurred at the volcano. The observatory reported 8 weak and one moderate strombolian-type explosion since yesterday. ...more
Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014
Strombolian activity continues at the volcano. Incandescent material is being ejected to up to 200 m height and ash plumes rise to up to 800 m. The recent, short-lived lava flow has disappeared.
Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014
Yesterday's new lava flow was no longer active today. Explosive activity has been weak to moderate today.
Monday, Jul 14, 2014
A new lava flow is active on the southern upper slope of the volcano. It had a length of 400 m this morning, INSIVUMEH reported. Glowing rock avalanches detach from its fronts and reach the vegetation line. ...more
Monday, Jul 07, 2014
Fuego volcano yesterday morning (INSIVUMEH)
Fuego volcano yesterday morning (INSIVUMEH)
The latest lava flow seems to have stopped. The volcano remained in its typical persistent type of activity, with intermittent mostly weak to moderate strombolian explosions. Incandescent material was ejected to 50-100 m and ash plumes rose up to 400 m above the summit. ...more
Thursday, Jul 03, 2014
The new lava flow continues to slowly advance on the upper SE flank and reached a length of 200 m this morning. Strombolian-type eExplosions have been relatively frequent and weak to moderate in size, generating ash plumes up to 800 m tall.
Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014
Activity has increase since last night. A new lava flow started to issue from the summit vent and traveled onto the SE slope towards the Trinidad canyon. This morning, it had reached a length of 150 m. Explosions have become stronger as well, generating ash plumes of sometimes more than 1000 m in height.
Tuesday, Jul 01, 2014
Fuego volcano this morning (INSIVUMEH)
Fuego volcano this morning (INSIVUMEH)
No significant changes in activity have occurred at the volcano recently. It remains characterized by weak to moderate strombolian explosions every 1-2 hours on average, ejecting incandescent material to up to 150 m above the vent and producing ash plumes that rise 300-700 m.
Saturday, Jun 28, 2014
Activity has been relatively low recently. The volcano observatory only reported weak to moderate explosions with ash plumes up to 500 m height above the crater.
Thursday, Jun 19, 2014
Strombolian activity remains at moderate unchanged levels. Ash plumes rose to 600 m above the crater and shock waves from stronger explosions rattle roofs and windows in houses of nearby villages.

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