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Ushkovsky volcano

Compound volcano 3943 m / 12,936 ft
Kamchatka, Russia, 56.07°N / 160.47°E
Current status: dormant (1 out of 5)
Typical eruption style: unspecified
Ushkovsky volcano eruptions: 1890 
Last earthquakes nearby:
TimeMag. / DepthDistanceLocation
Thu, 24 Jul
Thu, 24 Jul 20:09 UTCM 1.5 / 28.9 km5 kmKluchevskoy group of volcanoes
Thu, 24 Jul 13:24 UTCM 1.5 / 33.1 km1 kmKluchevskoy group of volcanoes
Thu, 24 Jul 12:26 UTCM 2.0 / 27.9 km4 kmKluchevskoy group of volcanoes
Thu, 24 Jul 08:49 UTCM 1.5 / 34.8 km5 kmKluchevskoy group of volcanoes
Thu, 24 Jul 01:01 UTCM 1.4 / 28.9 km1 kmKluchevskoy group of volcanoes
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Ushkovsky volcano (formerly known as Plosky) is a large compound volcanic massif located at the NW end of the Kliuchevskaya volcano group. It consists of the flat-topped 3943-m-high Ushkovsky volcano (Daljny Plosky), which is capped by an ice-filled 4.5 x 5.5 km caldera, and the adjacent slightly higher peak of 4108 m Krestovsky (Blizhny Plosky) volcano. Two glacier-clad cinder cones with large summit craters form a high point within the Ushkovsky caldera. Linear zones of cinder cones are found on the SW and NE flanks and on lowlands to the west. The younger caldera at the summit of Plosky Daljny (Ushkovsky) was formed in association with the eruption of large lava flows and pyroclastic material from the Lavovy ShIsh cinder cones at the foot of the volcano about 8600 years ago. The only known historical activity at Ushkovsky was an explosive eruption from the summit cone in 1890.
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