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Volcanoes of Turkey (18 volcanoes)

Akyarlar | Kenger | Sandal | Kula | Karadağ | Karapinar | Hasan Dagi | Göllü Dağ | Acigöl-Nevsehir | Erciyes Dağ | Koruhüyüğü | Karaca Dağ | Nemrut Dağ | Süphan Dağ | Kars | Girekol | Tendürek Dağ | Ararat
(lava domes)
The Bodrum & Akyarlar volcanics belong to the area of the active Cos volcanic complex and are the most western volcanics of Turkey. [more]

(cinder cone)
The Kenger volcano belongs to the fault system that created also the Kula cinder cones in western Turkey. [more]

(cinder cone)
The Sandal volcano belongs to the Kula volcanic area. [more]

(cinder cones, maars)
The Kula volcanic field in western Turkey near the city Selendi had the last eruptions probably more than 10.000 years ago. [more]

(stratovolcano, lava domes)
A huge volcanic complex near the village Madenşehri with a huge crater. [more]

(cinder cones, maar)
The Karapinar volcanic field is one of the most interesting areas in south-western Turkey. [more]

Hasan Dagi
The Hasan Dagi is a huge stratovolcano on which caldera collapses took place in ca. 7500-7600 years ago. [more]

Göllü Dağ
Göllü Dağ, a 2143-m-high rhyolitic-to-rhyodacitic lava dome complex in central Anatolia, lies between the Hasan Dağ and Acigöl-Nevsehir volcanic complexes. [more]

(caldera, lava domes)
Google Earth View image of the caldera of Acigöl-NevsehirThe big caldera of Acigöl-Nevsehir is located in central Turkey and has a size of 7-8 km diameter. [more]

Erciyes Dağ
The massive, eroded stratovolcano Erciyes Dağ dominates the northern end of the Sultansazligi Basin in central Anatolia. It covers an area of about 1300 sq km. [more]

(cinder cones)
A serial of cinder cones in the "graben" structure in the area north of Kirikhan town in Turkey. [more]

Karaca Dağ
The huge Karaca Dağ volcano is a 1957 m high basaltic shield volcano in SE-Turkey near the Syrian border. It is situated on the Arabian foreland and about 150 km of the boundary of the Anatolian plate. It has been active since the Pliocene and also in historic times eruptions occ... [more]

Nemrut Dağ
The caldera of Nemrut Dağ is one of the volcanoes near Van lake. It is one of the volcanoes that erupted in historic times. [more]

Süphan Dağ
(lava dome, strato volcano, pyroclatsic flows)
The huge lava dome and strato-volcano is situated north of the famous lake Van. [more]

The Kars Plateau is a broad calc-alkaline to alkaline volcanic field of largely Pliocene to mid-Pleistocene age in the NE corner of Turkey (Innocenti et al., 1982; Yilmaz, 1990). [more]

A huge volcano north of Van lake with a great eruption crater towards south-east. [more]

Tendürek Dağ
Tendürek Dagi, also known as Tendürük Dagi, is an elongated shield volcano that rises 1800 m above the plain of Dogubayazit, near the Iranian border, south of Mount Ararat. [more]

The 5165-m-high, double-peaked stratovolcano Mount Ararat, also known as Agri Dagi, is Turkey's highest, largest volume, and easternmost volcano. [more]

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