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Ash plume from Copahue volcano on 3 Oct 2015
Monday, Oct 05, 2015
Activity, both internal and external, has picked up at the volcano. Small, intermittent ash emissions have been observed during the past days, accompanied by a significant increase in tremor related to fluid movements within the volcanic edifice. ... [more]
Glow from Cotopaxi's crater this morning
Saturday, Oct 03, 2015
Visible activity of the volcano has been relatively low during the past week. Only a strong steam plume mixed with low ash contents has been emitted, but there has been a significant change: incandescence has now become visible from the crater. According to scientists from IGEPN, the glow originates from high-temperature gasses. However, this suggests that magma continues to approach the vent, and that the eruption might now be about to become magmatic. ... [more]

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