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23 Feb - 1 Mar 2020: Volcanoes of the Danakil desert - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
14-27 Mar 2020: Desert, salt and volcanoes - Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
4-8 May 2020: Krakatau Volcano Special - Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)
9-17 May 2020: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
11-29 Aug 2020: Kamchatka - Land of Colors - Kamchatka (Russia)
3-19 Sep 2020: Volcanoes of Java - Java (Indonesia)
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Thursday, Jan 23, 2020
Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 22000 ft (6700 m) altitude or flight level 220 and is moving at 15 kts in N direction. ... [more]
Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020
Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Tokyo (VAAC) issued the following report: ... [more]

Volcanoes of Russia (173 volcanoes)

Kamchatka (114 volcanoes): Akademia Nauk | Akhtang | Alney-Chashakondzha | Alngey | Anaun | Avachinsky | Bakening | Bely | Bliznets | Bliznetsy | Bolshoi Payalpan | Bolshoi Semiachik | Bolshoi-Kekuknaysky | Cherny | Cherpuk Group | Dzenzursky | Eggella | Elovsky | Fedotych | Gamchen | Geodesistoy | Gorely | Gorny Institute | Ichinsky | Iettunup | Iktunup | Kaileney | Karymsky | Kebeney | Kekurny | Khangar | Kikhpinych | Kinenin | Kizimen | Komarov | Koryaksky | Kostakan | Kozyrevsky | Krainy | Krasheninnikov | Kronotsky | Kulkev | Leutongey | Maly Payalpan | Maly Semiachik | Mezhdusopochny | Nylgimelkin | Ostry | Piip | Plosky | Plosky (Bolshaya Kimitina River) | Pogranychny | Romanovka | Schmidt | Sedankinsky | Severny | Shisheika | Shishel | Snegovoy | Snezhniy | Spokoiny | Taunshits | Terpuk | Titila | Tuzovsky | Uka | Uksichan | Unnamed 55.92°N/161.75°E | Unnamed 56.82°N/158.95°E | Uzon | Veer | Verkhovoy | Voyampolsky | Vysoky | Zaozerny | Zavaritsky | Zhupanovsky
Aluchin Group | Anjuisky | Azas | Balagan-Tas | Dgida Basin | Elbrus | Oka Plateau | Sikhote-Alin | Tunkin | Udokan | Vitim
Most volcanoes of Russia are part of the Ring of Fire in Kamchatka and the Kurile Islands. A few other volcanoes are intra-plate volcanoes, created by mantle plumes (hot spots).
Aluchin Group
(pyroclastic cone)
The Aluchin volcanic group is a cluster of 4 young cinder cones located in the Bilibino Region, in the Aluchin and Burgakhchan river basins in western Chukotka (Siberia). The cinder cones of Aluchin volcano could have erupted less than 10,000 years ago. [more]

(pyroclastic cones)
Anjuisky volcano is a cinder cone in the south Anjuisky Range east of Kolyma River. Anjuisky cinder cone is 120 m high and has a 300 m wide and 75 m deep crater. [more]

(volcanic field)
The Azas Plateau (also known as the (Northeast) Tuva or Khamsara-Biykhem Plateau) is a large volcanic field is west of the SW tip of Lake Baikal and north of the border with Mongolia. The volcanic field contains cinder cones and lava flows, some of which are less than 10,000 year... [more]

(cinder cone)
Balagan-Tas volcano (also known as Indigirsky) is a cinder cone west of the town Zashiversk, about 1300 km SSW of Bennet Island in Siberia. It is located at the Indikirika River near the northwest boundary of Momo-Selenniak depression.
The volcano erupted basaltic lava flow... [more]

Dgida Basin
(cinder cones)
Dgida volcano (Dgida Basin, Dgida-Tunkin volcanic field) is a group of cinder cones in southeastern Russia 23 km from the border with Mongolia and 125 km SW of Lake Baikal. It belongs to the Tunkin Depression volcanic field and is considered to be related to an intraplate hot spo... [more]

Glaciers radiate from Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus Mountains of SW Russia. Snow-filled craters are visible in this image at both the 5595-m-high eastern summit and the 5633-m-high western summit. Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, 2002Elbrus volcano is a large stratovolcano in the western Caucasus of SW Russia. It is the highest mountain of Europe (although some argue that it belongs already to Asia) and the highest volcano of the northern hemisphere.
Elbrus has not erupted for about 2000 years, but is c... [more]

Oka Plateau
(cinder cones)
Oka Plateau volcano (also known as the East Sayan volcanic field) is a a group of small basaltic cinder cones and associated lava flows in SE Russia near the border with Mongolia, about 200 km west of Lake Baikal.
Eruptions occurred from several vents of the volcano, includ... [more]

(volcanic field)
Sikhote-Alin volcano is a vast cluster of basaltic fissure vents in the Sikhote-Alin region of SE Russia near the Sea of Japan, NE of Vladivostok.
Large basalts and basaltic-andesites lava flows cover several 1000 square km. [more]

(volcanic field)
Tunkin (also known as Tunka) volcano is a volcanic field immediately west of the SW tip of Lake Baikal. It contains 5 groups of basaltic cinder cones, most prominently the Khobok cinder cones near the village of Tunka.
The youngest cones occur in the SE part of the field in... [more]

(pyroclastic cones)
The Udokan Plateau volcano is a volcanic field located in southeastern Russia 400 km ENE of the Baikal Lake. The field contains cinder cones, lava domes, lava flows and explosion craters (maars).
The latest eruption took place at Chepe volcano about 2200 years ago. [more]

(cinder cones)
The Vitim Plateau volcano is a vast volcanic field northeast of the Baikal Lake. Cinder cones and associated lava flows are spread over an area of about 10,000 sq km. [more]

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